Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cocktails & Football

The closes to a cardinal I could be...shout out to Pearl... I also have my red shorts on again. The ones I had on for christmas. So, again always in shorts around these here parts. It was a beautiful day and was around 75 dipping down just a bit. So, the fire pit was just perfect. Rudey watching and waiting for the fire. (she just had a bath and was cold lol) Rudey dog making sure she wasn't missing anything Those not brave enough for the dar's darkside mary's - there were other choices
(which I will admit-I did have a cup of coffee-with dat amaretto right there-hehe)
Ummmmhummm that would be my 2nd one back there...and my last picture hummmm?

Geaux Get Your Read On!


derfina said...

Missed you, Darliin...Those wings look yummy!

derfina said...

Hot damn! It finally let me post a comment!

darsden said...

Hey there buddie,yeah you got to comment. Now I wish somebody would tell me where all my follow up comments are going? Yes, the wings were good, one batch was really spicy and the other wasn't at all. The mary's were great too. Wished ya'll could have come but I know ya'll pardeed good too!

Reddirt Woman said...

Woohoo... I saw that Tabasco logo and had to grin... that helps to make a great bloody Mary. Adds the cha-cha factor. And it was a pretty damn good game. Cardinals almost (:-() pulled of the upset.


darsden said...

When the Cardinals made that touch down straight up the middle...we all ran around and did a loop outside by the fire...came back in and they had lost...LOL excellent catch by the dude to win the game gotta give props!!!