Saturday, February 28, 2009


Insert dueling banjo song here...... dadadadadadangdangdangdodododododoodoodood...
They are less than 60 feet away from each other I think they will meet in the middle..awwwe
I can't hear myself sing around here today!


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This & That

Good Morning Friends, remember my little flower bed I put in day before yesterday? Well, here it is now, in the green house being all protected against the winds and storms.
Least the flowers are getting to know my palms which will be beside the flower bed eventually.
Here's KK I am sneaking up on her as she is pressure washing the driveway. (the drive way is like a flight line it is so long) this is her 3rd pressure washer. 1 she burned up 1500 psi. 2 papa's pressure washer was 3000 psi, lifted her little booty right off the ground...rotflmao, she really took 3 steps back when she tried that one. It was like she was shooting a shot gun I almost peed myself...3 papa just bought her a 1600 psi, just right for KK.
But, what ya'll have to notice is her boots/waders...She is so funny. I wish you all could meet her she is ... well, there is only one KK
Look at her lil booty sticking out..wait there isn't a booty ....skinny thang
Okay I am going to get killed if KK ever sees this picture. But, KK is 72 years young...LOOK at her. You might ask yourself what gives KK the energy she needs to get up and going and looking so good and young and acting younger than her daughter old fart dardar. Here it is folks.....Be sure to blow this picture up so you can really read and enjoy it all. Truly funy...sooo real!!! (I came back to add this...I found this just like this on the table when I was taking pictures of her) This is NOT a staged picture-again risking my life posting this!
Now on to some pretty pictures around the back yard. The Jasmine is really coming in. Mr. bumble bee did not like me hanging out taking pictures there. That's him flying in for a flyby.
White Camilla's along the back side of my pool.

The red Azalea's behind my pool.

I think this is called a peppermint Camilla.

Also, would like to acknowledge the loss of a fellow blogger. Lisa, @clusterfook lost her battle with cancer last night. She was very special to derfina and many others. Please take a moment say a prayer and go visit her sight, she leaves behind a husband, her children and many friends.


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Friday, February 27, 2009

Project 1

Good Morning! Remember the other day I posted this picture as to what I was fix'in to get into. So, I started my little project. (I sometimes can not remember to take pictures a long the way but, I have confidence that you will be able to fill in some of it yourself) Besides the fact I have dirt up to my elbows. What you don't see is I cut up a tarp to put under the rubber mulch so I do not have to deal with weeds. The bag of potting soil and all the pots.
At my last house I had a really cool koi pond and it was made out of rocks like above so I pulled a few off the pile to add to this lil bed. I went and picked out some pretty lil flowers. I made some combined pots at of several of them. If you notice the flowers are in clay pots, because it is still February and I know we have at least 3 more freezes coming. When they out grow the pots I will put them in the ground for the rest of spring and summer. The daffodil's (shout out Doris Day) smell so good. I hear they will come back on their own next year. I might just have them next year with the smell they put off. Yummie. I have marigolds,hiaciths (msp), purple somethings...and in the littlest pots I have 2 different types of mint.
Having just said that. The wind was blowing yesterday around 25 to 35 mph with the wind gust . So, right after I finished my lil bed. I went and got my lil red wagon. Loaded up all my pretty flowers and put them safely in the green I didn't even get to swing in the swing and enjoy them at all yesterday. When I bring them back out I will enjoy them. I will be getting a work out bringing them in and out.
But I will take the wind over snow like she has any day!
Braja, I am still working on the lil project for you. Time is a factor right now. I don't have a lot of I am getting ready around the ponderosa for a wedding out here in the next week :-) Plus, I am cooking for above said wedding! But, I will be working on your project in between.
Also, want to shout out to my 2 new followers! Joanie and tinkalicious (love that name)
Has Anybody seen her?


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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love, love, love, my 12 followers you guys have been very loyal... BUT I WANT MORE!! LOL

Blogger got me too I lost one but lucky for me I found her again...but they changed my order of appearance!

I would like to use the excuse of blogger has made the other 100's disappear. But I don't like to if all my lil blogger friends would make up some names and pictures and post those followers. I would have like...maybe double followers...and be forever grateful. LOL Have a good day. Sorry it is short, but I am working on a project outside in the yard.
I also, have a side burner project for Braja.

The beginning


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hollering Twisted!

Good Morning my bloggy friends. Just wanted to zip out a quickie this morning *smirk* to tell ya'll about my bloggy friend Becky over at "Twisted Fencepost" Don't ya just love that name I do. The creative crafts she has come up with.

If you go over here you can do what I did, steal her idea! LOL, sorry Becky, I just had to pass this on. This is a wonderful idea for kids esp. they can create their own lil globe. With Easter coming up I think that would be a really cool idea for them.

Well, sorry so short, I am still reading all of yall's blog. Hopefully I will have something to say soon ;-) Ya'll have a great day, I will be outside enjoying the sunshine and cleaning up the ponderosa.

Wanted to share this lil dude with you. His curiosity got the best of him with the camera. He came up to check it out. Too cute I just had to share! That would me Mama's booty in the back.


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PS....Happy Fat Tuesday!!Throw Me Sumpin' mister!!
Mardi Gras 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yummie 4 Your tummie

Good Morning Everybody. Here is my great niece Emoree fix'in to enjoy her pancakes. Yummie looking huh...seafoam green pancakes, my,my, my
Takes me a little bit to get going then I start creating stuff out of the pancakes or I try!
This is my version of a chicken LOL - I forgot to take one of the dog I made
Emoree and I would like to wish everybody a great day!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Thing dos

After a very quick trip (actually one hour to be exact) to Wally World to get the bar & chain oil, engine oil, gas can, stop for gas, mix the gas and oil together. Here is the product of about thirty minutes (full speed throttle out) cutting I was able to get done before it started raining outside. Would not want my Wild Thing to get Wet (sssh-derfina!!!) Pop, came out and spotted me to make sure I was doing it right (lol) He also helped out a lot .. ONCE I asked him too...he went and got the tractor so I could get him to haul them across the yard instead of me doing like 4 little red wagon pulls. So, he did dump it for me. I stacked it nice and neat and here it is.
Already for the next fire pit chat. (when ya cuming derfina-lol crack myself up) Oh, and my other news is the Pool is Ready all nice and far only 58 degrees...I don't get in it till it is 80 a lil ways to go I'd say. But, hell it looks fabulous! Yes, that thumping sound is me, patting myself on my back...I have been a busy girl!!! And to think ya'll think that all I do all day long is stalk -I mean ride on the bus with Pearl or lay on the beach with Braja !
All that is left to say is where the hell is Helen?

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Wild Thing

Just wanted to add a picture to let ya'll all know what I am fix'in to get into. I am out of wood so I need to go find me some trees. Don't worry I only get the ones that are already laying on the ground partially dead already are the ones I prefer. We still have several of those laying around from Katrina. Some barely hanging on to life and those already too far gone for even a fire pit. But, to those majestic trees that once stood so proudly what better way to be paid omege' too than for dar to lite you up one more time and purely enjoy all that you were. This tree loving hippie would never cut down a living tree just for burning in a fire. I feel it is my duty however if a tree has falling or has to be taken down, it should and deserve the very best way to go...being enjoyed by dar one more time. (now mind you if I had the means I would create all kinds of stuff with this wood but, no tools, no skills, but I do have a lighter! I do enjoy sitting out by the fire pit and I do appreciate the trees living, dying and now burning for me!)

Fear not when I go out to play, I always make my mommie (lol I am such a tooL) come out and spot me when " I do it " I have the tendency to be accident prone. So if I cut off my foot or something, she can bag it up for me, be there for me ya know, just in case-well...okay, I will still have to bag it up myself, hop around on the other foot to go get some ice, all the while telling KK to just smoke a another cig it will all be okay, I'll get the car and be right back to pick her up...LOL (Really that is how it would be after she stopped rolling around laughing at me!!!)
Mom, does come out to watch, giving me the instructions the entire time. (doesn't she see the head phones - EVER?)

This is the one I have been using forever it is a lil electric one. I have had this one for over 10 years now. I have changed the blade like 3 times. But, it is so quick and convenient with it being electric. (just have to move everything closer to the house to cut, but that's why pop has a tractor- I get him to pull them too me all the time too.) You can see in the picture how much this lil puppy has been used. Yes, they are both Poulans, good lil brand-Yes, I be happy to take any endorsement money poulan would like to send my way.

I got Wild Thing up there a couple of Christmas ago and have never used it. That's right she's a virgin, never beened oiled. I have to go to wallyworld and get some bar & chain oil, plus gas can so I can mix the oil & gas...see what I mean how easy a plug and go is!

I am looking forward to leaving the cleared property to get the other down trees in the woods. The Woods around here are gonna be the cleanest in the South. I be loving me some wood now...LOL


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Waiting on Spring

(I can see all kinds of images in these clouds...can ya'll tell me wha cha see )
It was a beautiful day so I grabbed my camera and went walking around the ponderosa after Rudey dog got a swing and belly rub. She is spoiled rotten, look at her saying com'mere mom. So, come on in and swing a while with us and enjoy the pretty weather.

Sweet baby
This was my grandfathers boat. I am guessing it is around 40 to 50 years old, perhaps older. He past away over 30 years ago so I really don't know how old it is.
LiL bridge leading to the gazebo and 2nd pond.
The Hidden bridge to the back part of the 2nd pond. different levels around here
Board walk leaving my parents house to the bridge & gazebo.
hummm I think this is a peek a boo flower...hell I don't know what it is...LOL I want to call it a cherry blossom for some reason, but I believe that is the tree we lost in Katrina.
This is a Japenese Magnolia...I know this cuz I bought and planted it.
Braja, a window shot just for you my Queen, side of the barn.
The barn ...freshly painted, thankyou, thankyou very much, I'm appearing here daily :-)
Remember these pictures because in about 2 weeks this place is going to be popping out all over and I cannot wait to show you some really beautiful pictures of the flowers around here.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going Geriatric

Beautiful Colors yesterday

Yesterday Evening In the back Yard-Soooo Ready for Spring and Summer!

Okay me and mom went to Sam's Club today we usually go one to two times a month. We get the big stuff at Sam's. Cases of bird food (I know I mentioned I feed all the birds coming and going!) Cases of Ozaka water (my favorite, no I am not totally green yet. I do not drink well water, I don't know where it's been, what's running into it from the ground, bad enough I have to smell it coin a phase from derfina "fart water" so yes, I drink a lot of cases of water about 4 x 32 a month, see if I had that plastic factory like my question on my profile page; I could build a house with what I consume but it would be a see through house-LOL) Okay back to Sam's, cases of mama boost, cases of her welch's juice, 5 x 50lb bags of potting soil, cases of cases. I get my work out there I don't have to go to the gym because I shop at Sam's Club. You get the idea!

Well, first we get there and I have wrestle with the basket they are all new and have 4 plastic child safety belt clips that won't separate one basket from another. After a couple of strong pulls got mama hers. I was proceeding to fight some more to get me one to go when I see a little ole lady coming up and I said to myself be very nice and give her yours, there would be no way for her to be able to wrestle to get one. They are truly a puzzle each one to figure out and once you have all the belts out the way you have to NOT smussh your fingers in the process because - the entire back end is still struck up making whoopee with the other one...just without seat belts. *smirk* So I give her mine and she oh thank you and walks off okay here we go this down now.(That is how I roll I help out anybody that looks like they may be in need of assistance especially older people. I think of my mama if she didn't have me for the heavy stuff ya know!) Well, there is a Woman standing right behind me I could feel her there for a couple of minutes now figuring I was in her way and she was be extremely kind not fussing at me Get OUT the Way...Well, When I pulled the basket out she stepped out and grabbed it and said thank you and walked off with my basket...W T F!?!?

Well, alrighty then, okay back to wrestling the stack. By this time my mama is long gone...hellloooo you have the Sam's Club card (remember you cancelled Mine because we are always together! You gave my company one to my Sister...hellloooo I am still outside) fighting with basket, I be dang somebody getting this one.

I proceed through the door mama is half way down the store. The lady knows me at the door, everybody knows kk and dardar when they shop together. We are the free entertainment. We laugh, we fight, we fuss, we get in each others way, we are happy people what can I say and we enjoy sharing with others.(no really we have a lot of fun a lot of laughs) That's also why we now go in two different directions with two different baskets then we meet in the middle and get the flock out of dodge.

So, I am going after all the heavy stuff and making pretty good timing and have my basket about half full. I make the corner in the frozen foods and there is the woman that took my basket the younger one. She grab me by my arm as I passed her and she said OMG... I thought you work here... Whaa.. "I thought you worked here when I took your basket" No ma'am just was helping the lil lady...who is now walking's her mama, I said I thought she didn't need to wrestle with the baskets like I was, just being nice. Well, the woman kept grabbing my arm, Okay like I don't really know you, I know I am friendly but ma'am your feeling up my arm. She thanked me again for helping her mom out and giving her my basket, that I was very kind to help like that. I said thank you and departed after I got my arm back. ( I have never been fondled by a stranger in the frozen food section-hence Why I am writing-least she was an attractive stranger-and might I add a friendly stranger too)

I proceeded shopping and you know you run into the same people as you shop for some reason although this new Sam's that just opened last month. Has to be a square mile store. I am worn out just walking it. But in that large of a place you wouldn't expect it but they were around every corner.
( It became as if Pearl was in the store and I was on my mission-sssh it's classified! LOL)

I catch up with mama via cell phone and say lets rock n roll out of here it is a beautiful day and I have plans outside for most of it. And it doesn't envolve shopping all day, just not that kind of girl. I still have to unload this all to the car, and then unload the car again at two different houses. Worn figging out when it is a Sam's run, that's why we don't go too much.
Anyway long story short (too late) she left with my phone number neatly folded in her pocket..LOL we will see :-)
oh, yes, yes that would be me in the bottomed of the washing machine all icky and un read able...yes, that would be me...after the laundry is done!

So, my life has resorted to pickn' up women in the frozen food section of Sam's Club. LOL, Well, hell there aren't any bars worth going out and dancing around here at...might as well take a peek in the basket and see what I might be invited to dinner for...rotflmao

I came home and have been working on the pool the rest of the day it was absolutely beautiful out there today. But, I am a worn out!!


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia Is Burning

Australia is burning. Please send out Prayers, Love and Support. Do what you can for our Aussie friends. We are all in this together. One time or another Our country have their tolls to deal with.
I borrowed this picture from Braja and I remember seeing some unbelievable pictures and video over at Lilly's too.

These wonderful women Braja and Lilly are truly Awesome Aussie's they have a lot to say about their country as we do about our own. Please show your support where you can.

Breathe in this picture, close your eyes and imagine you just opened your front door and this is what you saw.

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What A MeMe

OMGossssh!!! I have to talk about me. My least favorite subject. I am a little embarrassed to say the least. Okay so I don't play by the rules, I usually create them as I go or what is most convenient to me so for those who have tagged me here, there, and over yonder ya go, all you blogger friends of mine. I do adore you all. Oh, gos here I go (kicking at the ground) Yep, another foot shot for you guys.(I will make it my last I know it is getting old) My favorite White tennis shoes, Favorite team New Orleans Saints. Oh, yeah you can bet there are white socks inside them there shoes. Things about me you might not know or really don't want to know and may not care to know but if you keep reading you are gonna know in detail!

1. I count my blessings for My family they are most important too me, if I call you my friend and you have met my family you are then consider family - bottom line and my family treats you like family.

2. I will fight for what I believe in/for my family/for a child/any situation that if I just acted I could or would make a difference -even if that fight would take my life -then so be it.

3. If I give you my word You can take it to the Bank! It's as good as gold!

4. I have No patience what so ever in traffic for stupid people-esp phone users- texting-people reading a book or the newspaper PLEASE!- I have an issue with patience period I think and I should seek help. NO really I should!

5. I also have a very short fuse! Natural Redhead takes some poking to get me, but when it blows it blows then I am done with it and look around and clean up the aftermath. See I think I could use that counseling...LOL
(just breathe)
6. I lost 6 of my Very best friends in 13 months 1st one who was living with me got killed on his motorcycle on Valentines Day, they all past away due to different causes then -in the 14th month I lost my dog of 6 years I don't know why Boo died I went to work he was fine. *Myne number One friend is Derfina she has been there for me for 34 years now... I know ! that is so Wonderful isn't it :-) she makes my heart smile and sing all the time.*
(deep breath - just breathe) that is always so hard for me to mention the loss of such wonderful friends

7. I will beat a dead horse to death, only to revive it to beat it to death again...translation
I Never give Up - There will be "No White Flag" here! (dido great song)

8. I will trust and keep trusting till the finale straw is broken (it takes a lot a real lot). Then I turn off the faucet and it doesn't even drip. - translation - ( I will keep turning my cheek, keep taking your hits, but watch out when I am done I am DONE! (that is totally different from never giving up, it comes to the point of choosing Not to be totally Stupid-anymore)

9. I Love, Love, LOVE music I have to have it. I can keep the same cd in my car - well Duffy has been there since - Derfina and I were running the roads before Turkey Day it now Feb. Humm

10. I am a lot deeper than a lot of people give me credit for but that's how deep I am that I know this-LOL but a lot of times I just keep my mouth shut...I know, I do..really "sometimes"*smirk*

11. I have an enlighten side of me - some things I just know and then others are in shock when there is proof (it still amazes me too, actually it scares the crap out of others...LOL)

12. I was the kid in school everybody picked on and humiliated all the time. Who didn't have any friends in school till Derfina rescued me in 10th grade. Could be the reason I didn't go everyday (yes I probably should have got counseling...but hey I didn't feel the need to go get guns and blow them all away like the punks use as an excuse today...I just knew one day they'd like me...maybe...see #7 But, it didn't kill me just made me tougher! I even manage to graduate too!

13. It is hard to let people get too close to me...see # 6 (and maybe a lil 12 in there)I still haven't recovered from losing them, don't think I ever will, time doesn't make it better, just makes it eternally longer without them!

14. I try not to complain too much about my pain because I know there are others out there so much more worse off than I am. But folks I do have several issues I deal with, I try to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart, when I know I can't I will disappear and chill out for awhile. Vegg Out,Lay Low, sofa surf, tater bake, be one with myself.

15. I do Bitch a lot but that is totally different from complaining

16. I do not use heat regardless what temperature it should get "down" to. I carry my own
insulation I do not need it. But my dog she has her own heated lil bed area she'll never be cold.

17. I run 2 to 3 fans all the time, all year long in my house, the big noise maker for sleeping (you
know the ole box fan from the 60's just the new version)

18. I don't like heights will not go past the 4 step on the ladder...I know I will fall... I fall just trying to walk... I don't need to poke the ladder fairies!

19. I don't like to fly see #18 again

20. This is frigging hard, I don't know too much about myself, there is still a lot of undiscovered territory. I don't like small spaces or closets I have been shoved in a closet before-no fun!

21. I don't have kids but I treat all kids as my own babies (I've raised many)
22. I live in my parents back yard in a shed, and I am so blessed to be able to be here :-)
23. I am a mama's girl still, see#22 and I have no problem admitting that! So blessed am I.

24. I still grieve for what hurricane Katrina did to my beloved coast and the horrible human factor in New Orleans! It's been 3 years and people still are homeless and we still have no homes being built!!! *and our Mayor is up for Katrina fraud yea*

25. I write, read and talk backwards all the time so everything requires a lot of effort, to make it turn out almost audible - English

26. a bonus...after going back and reading about myself I feel I need to add. I am a very Happy Go Lucky person. The negatives above have only made me stronger and who I am where I came from Everybody has a story. I studied Psych in college - I am okay, you are okay, we are all *mostly* okay!
yep that about sums me up! tag your it now!!
Okay there are the first 25 things w/bonus I can come up with and I would like to add... I am so happy and thankful to Derfina for introducing me to blogosphere wonder land... it fills in a lot of my alone time. I enjoy peeking into to everybody else's worlds too. You have ALL brought such joy and laughter to me and some of you have taught me so much.I also just love the fact people come by to say hi to me too. That really makes my day. So thank you all who have taken the time to read a little bit about me and writing comments back. I appreciate you spending your time with me.

Special Shout out to my new followers Tabitha & Kelli, Welcome!!
Special thanks to the peeps below :-))

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