Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love, love, love, my 12 followers you guys have been very loyal... BUT I WANT MORE!! LOL

Blogger got me too I lost one but lucky for me I found her again...but they changed my order of appearance!

I would like to use the excuse of blogger has made the other 100's disappear. But I don't like to if all my lil blogger friends would make up some names and pictures and post those followers. I would have like...maybe double followers...and be forever grateful. LOL Have a good day. Sorry it is short, but I am working on a project outside in the yard.
I also, have a side burner project for Braja.

The beginning


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Anonymous said...

Have A Fantastic Time Outside!!

darsden said...

Hey Tabitha, I am enjoying it. It feels like rain is coming, but I was able to get one project completed. Pictures to come :-)

darsden said...

Hey Joanie, Welcome and thank you for following I appreciate it. On my way to check out your blog. :-)

darsden said...

Welcome Tinkalicious I appreciate you following me as well. I am not off to your blog can't wait to see what fairy dust waits within.