Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cooking Time

I Start with your basic kidney bean roux nice and thick whole beans and then smussed up about half of the beans. Sorry, I didn't think about making a post at the time I was planning dinner for me and the folks tonight. So, some of the things were already chopped and prepared. It takes a lot to throw down a pot of creole red beans and rice. I barely picked out a big enough pot.Then I saute' up some chicken strips along with some mild cajun sausage
Add in my chicken and leave a few links whole my step dad 100% cajun likes them whole. Sometimes we grill them and put them on buns like hotdogs.
Then I add in the onion and bell peppers I have sauteed on the side in a lil butter. I have also cut up the sausage in lil bites and have deep sauteed them. Then I put that into beans.
Then I cut up some ham and dump in there I didn't have a ham bone to throw in. Sorry Rudey.
Then I simmer all day long...or till I can't stand it anymore...somewhere around 4 to 5 hours.
Cook some white rice on the side...NO, not minute rice either!
Depending on which side of the Mississippi River you are born on...depends on which one you grab for...Cajun Cher' dat be on yer right, Louisiana
Mississippi corn bread fed you be reaching for the left one.
No, can't add it, it's a personal thang' besides my Mama, don't like it hot! Nothing left to do now but wait for the cornbread to cook and make myself miserable eating all these beans.
But may I just add Damn they are good! BAM'
Oh, you looking for the corn bread...it's not here, Mama is making that. Now go on home it's dinner time, just not here.. not tonight!

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Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, damn, that sounds good!!! MMMMmmmmm!!! I'll have to try this out. I love me some good red beans and rice.



darsden said...

Hey Helen, If I do brag on myself...they were and are wonderful. I still have enough to freeze a bowl or two for later on.

Southern Bombshell said...

I could not be more jealous. Eating a big bowl of that with corn bread...in your ducky pj's in front of the tv. Bliss right? I'm just warnin' ya now next time I head down to Bama I'm gonna come visit just so I can steal the extra out of your freezer!

darsden said...

Com'on down Southern Bombshell, but make sure you bring some of the cheese sticks with you. I been watching you throw down a good meal yourself!