Thursday, February 12, 2009

Going Geriatric

Beautiful Colors yesterday

Yesterday Evening In the back Yard-Soooo Ready for Spring and Summer!

Okay me and mom went to Sam's Club today we usually go one to two times a month. We get the big stuff at Sam's. Cases of bird food (I know I mentioned I feed all the birds coming and going!) Cases of Ozaka water (my favorite, no I am not totally green yet. I do not drink well water, I don't know where it's been, what's running into it from the ground, bad enough I have to smell it coin a phase from derfina "fart water" so yes, I drink a lot of cases of water about 4 x 32 a month, see if I had that plastic factory like my question on my profile page; I could build a house with what I consume but it would be a see through house-LOL) Okay back to Sam's, cases of mama boost, cases of her welch's juice, 5 x 50lb bags of potting soil, cases of cases. I get my work out there I don't have to go to the gym because I shop at Sam's Club. You get the idea!

Well, first we get there and I have wrestle with the basket they are all new and have 4 plastic child safety belt clips that won't separate one basket from another. After a couple of strong pulls got mama hers. I was proceeding to fight some more to get me one to go when I see a little ole lady coming up and I said to myself be very nice and give her yours, there would be no way for her to be able to wrestle to get one. They are truly a puzzle each one to figure out and once you have all the belts out the way you have to NOT smussh your fingers in the process because - the entire back end is still struck up making whoopee with the other one...just without seat belts. *smirk* So I give her mine and she oh thank you and walks off okay here we go this down now.(That is how I roll I help out anybody that looks like they may be in need of assistance especially older people. I think of my mama if she didn't have me for the heavy stuff ya know!) Well, there is a Woman standing right behind me I could feel her there for a couple of minutes now figuring I was in her way and she was be extremely kind not fussing at me Get OUT the Way...Well, When I pulled the basket out she stepped out and grabbed it and said thank you and walked off with my basket...W T F!?!?

Well, alrighty then, okay back to wrestling the stack. By this time my mama is long gone...hellloooo you have the Sam's Club card (remember you cancelled Mine because we are always together! You gave my company one to my Sister...hellloooo I am still outside) fighting with basket, I be dang somebody getting this one.

I proceed through the door mama is half way down the store. The lady knows me at the door, everybody knows kk and dardar when they shop together. We are the free entertainment. We laugh, we fight, we fuss, we get in each others way, we are happy people what can I say and we enjoy sharing with others.(no really we have a lot of fun a lot of laughs) That's also why we now go in two different directions with two different baskets then we meet in the middle and get the flock out of dodge.

So, I am going after all the heavy stuff and making pretty good timing and have my basket about half full. I make the corner in the frozen foods and there is the woman that took my basket the younger one. She grab me by my arm as I passed her and she said OMG... I thought you work here... Whaa.. "I thought you worked here when I took your basket" No ma'am just was helping the lil lady...who is now walking's her mama, I said I thought she didn't need to wrestle with the baskets like I was, just being nice. Well, the woman kept grabbing my arm, Okay like I don't really know you, I know I am friendly but ma'am your feeling up my arm. She thanked me again for helping her mom out and giving her my basket, that I was very kind to help like that. I said thank you and departed after I got my arm back. ( I have never been fondled by a stranger in the frozen food section-hence Why I am writing-least she was an attractive stranger-and might I add a friendly stranger too)

I proceeded shopping and you know you run into the same people as you shop for some reason although this new Sam's that just opened last month. Has to be a square mile store. I am worn out just walking it. But in that large of a place you wouldn't expect it but they were around every corner.
( It became as if Pearl was in the store and I was on my mission-sssh it's classified! LOL)

I catch up with mama via cell phone and say lets rock n roll out of here it is a beautiful day and I have plans outside for most of it. And it doesn't envolve shopping all day, just not that kind of girl. I still have to unload this all to the car, and then unload the car again at two different houses. Worn figging out when it is a Sam's run, that's why we don't go too much.
Anyway long story short (too late) she left with my phone number neatly folded in her pocket..LOL we will see :-)
oh, yes, yes that would be me in the bottomed of the washing machine all icky and un read able...yes, that would be me...after the laundry is done!

So, my life has resorted to pickn' up women in the frozen food section of Sam's Club. LOL, Well, hell there aren't any bars worth going out and dancing around here at...might as well take a peek in the basket and see what I might be invited to dinner for...rotflmao

I came home and have been working on the pool the rest of the day it was absolutely beautiful out there today. But, I am a worn out!!


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Braja said...

YOU'RE worn out?? I'm exhausted just readin' this....

Southern Bombshell said...

I am always amazed by the size of everything in Sams. It's not like I don't know that I will never ever eat 5000 little frozen quiches but I mean come on how can I not. What if I must throw like 50 bridal showers or something. Anything at Sams can be justified by "just in case". Just in case I need a jumbo 30 gallon size bottle of tums to go with my mini quiches.

darsden said...

Braja-and to think I left some of it out..LO

Southern-it happens every time, I get more than I planned, but it's great because I can talk my mom into taking half...what a deal for both of us ;-)

darsden said...

supposed to be lol braja

Anonymous said...

I am tired for you!
I LOVE Sams Club. :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Well, you know what they say, the grocery store is the best pick up spot. tee hee
Funny how she was feeling up your arm.

darsden said...

Hey Twisted, just it was a new experience. I think I will be looking at the grocery stores a lot different. Might be my new hang out since I cannot stand bars ;-)

derfina said...

*shakes head* I can't leave you alone for a minute, can I? In any case, don't forget you are MYNE on V-day, so don't be lettin' no hussies fark that up, hear?

darsden said...

*has deer in headlight look* uhummmm you forgot about my request for information in reference to above V-day...YOU know the note 2 days ago...Oh yeah,hummmm it's what happens when one is too buzzie and leaves me alone for too long! ya mama's been too buzy lately too what's up with that!

jojo said...

Hi there!
I just stopped by from Reddirt Woman to have a, love, love the pictures. And the little trip to Sams about made me pee I was laughing so hard>
I'll be back to have a look aound later..bye Darsden..

Reddirt Woman said...

Fondled in the frozen food section... who but you Dar... ROTFL. You definitely got what it takes, girl, to knock 'em in the floor... If I was twenty years younger...

darsden said...

Hey jojo Welcome thank you for stopping by please com'on back anytime! That was a first for me at Sam's :-)

Hey Helen, I know right! But, I said I am sure I got washed, haven't heard from her. All I gots to say is she's Chicken' LOL

Anyway gotta date tonight with derfina going to an art gallery opening...HOPE they are ready for us. ;-)

Braja said...

And you talk about wanting to go to an art gallery with me, but hell, I just wanna go shopping with you....this is like some movie script... :)))

Braja said...

And you changed your comment comment...with kisses and hugs :)

darsden said...

MY Braja, I thought the xoxo had been there after my long a** please leave a comment beg..LOL I did shorten it. Very Observant of you. But, I am sure you see more than you say now don't you ;-)

Braja, I think this post was a little long and believe me I left some thing out. But, I will point out she didn't call. Like I said she probably washed her jeans along with my #. Oh, Well- LOL just extremely proud of myself for giving it in the first place that was MaAJOR for me to say the least!

darsden said...

PS Braja, I changed it when I realized how much "I love you Guys"

Pearl said...

Oh, dar, you goofy girl. :-) I feel as if I've just been to Sam's Club with you and your mom -- and that is a good thing!
As for picking up gals in the frozen food section, hell, a gal's got to eat, don't she?!
Meeting people is never easy, and at least you know she keeps her fridge stocked... Maybe she'll still call?
I worry about her feeling up your arm, though -- perhaps she has baskets that need to be pulled apart at home and was testing you for well-defined arm muscles?

darsden said...

Hey, Pearl, good to see ya around these here parts missy. didn't think about the sizing up for more work to do...dammit! ;-(