Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia Is Burning

Australia is burning. Please send out Prayers, Love and Support. Do what you can for our Aussie friends. We are all in this together. One time or another Our country have their tolls to deal with.
I borrowed this picture from Braja and I remember seeing some unbelievable pictures and video over at Lilly's too.

These wonderful women Braja and Lilly are truly Awesome Aussie's they have a lot to say about their country as we do about our own. Please show your support where you can.

Breathe in this picture, close your eyes and imagine you just opened your front door and this is what you saw.

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Braja said...


Braja said...


darsden said...

It is horrible Braja

Lilly's Life said...

Told you are a sweet girl, thanks for your prayers for people. The world is a wonderful place truly! Hope one day you can come for a visit. We will look after you!