Saturday, January 31, 2009

Geaux Under Dog Geaux

Yay, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! I am so glad the regular teams are Not making their appearance. I am excited there is a real under dog this year. Arizona Cardinals have never been to the big bowl. So, you know who I am going to be hollering for. This is a bitter sweet day, one because it is the big bowl but it is also sad because it is the end of football season. I do enjoy the game even if it is just backgound noise to whatever I am doing. The best naps are on Sunday with football on in the backgound!
I am having open house tomorrow as usual. I know of a few people coming over to enjoy and eat. But, I never really know for sure till it happens to who all shows up. But, there will be plenty of Bloody Marys (even though I swore a couple of weeks ago I would Never drink them again-well, how the hell can you watch the biggest game of the year without them - Really!) I will also have a couple of other drinks available, beer, martini's, etc. There will be 2 types of hot wings, chilli, potato skins, veggies, chicken salad, chips, dips, salsa and everything else that all the others bring. I know there will be more food than needed, always is.
Got the firepit outside stacked and ready for tomorrow. Can't watch football without running in and out to catch some fire time...but, if you look real close you will see exactly how big of a red neck I can be...Why yes, Yes, that is a TV outside by my firepit...wha cha mean...miss a commercial are you crazy-seriously do you think I would miss any moment - LOL yes, no joke, I do and have been known on more than one occasion to haul my extra TV outside so I can enjoy the fire. Hey, if you don't have a fire place inside, sometimes you have to be creative and come up with plan B. (which is always have portable flat screens so you can really show your neighbors how red neck - you can be) It works like that around here all year long and I am sure my neighbors are glad that there is 16 acres in between any of them!
So, if you guys aren't all locked in somewhere, com'on over, bring whachawant and a chair unless you pull up floor space! Standing room only - okay too, no pushing - Hope it is a great game!
We will have to see what the next post holds or what I don't... ;-) Happy Hooting Day to All.

Hey, Southern Bombshell has an awesome receipe you guys should check out for some cheese straws I might have to whip some up myself.

Here is a picture of what I will be enjoying tomorrow...yes, they have to sit over night so it is all nice and fermented with Alcohol...LOL yummie!! ( I can only have 2 they are that lethal) They have minced celery and it is made with V8 juice it is very healthy for you. Really you get your veggies and the celery is nice and crunchie for you but small enough to go through a straw.! What more could you ask from a cocktail! I used half the bottle of alcohol not the whole...see how I take care of all you guys.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing Here but look over there

OMG!!! she's back.... NO... really Derfina is back check it out.

Okay I really don't have anything to post about right now. But, I wanted to give a Link out to Helen. She is having a give away and thought some of you guys would like to go check it out. So here ya'll go. I believe you have till Wednesday to do it... I said do it...awe Derfina!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey Ya'll, I actually got dressed today but I still don't have anywhere to go! Thought I would share that I took off my little ducky pj's and actually have a pair of jeans on. Now I know why I stayed in my jammies. This aren't as soft! But hey at least I am dressed. The weather is beautiful it is teasing me. I am already so ready for spring and summer. Ready to get the pool cleaned and ready for summer fun. ( I know Pearl, like we even have a winter....nothing compared to what you are enduring! sorry) We have had a solid week of the nights hitting below freezing. That is so rare for down here. We are not use to it at all. Bring On Summer! Of course then I will be complaining about how frigging hot it is. But, I can handle summer better than winter, cause I can get outside more. Like take boat rides with Derfina! I miss the long days I cannot stand the night time. There are boogermen out there! Oh, yes there are! Well, sorry it is so boring today but, I haven't left my house in over a week and I just got dressed for the first time since cut me a lil slack (please) Catch ya'll next time maybe with more news.

Okay I came back to add a little something I sent to my siblings, they didn't find the humor in it I did. OH, Well the truth can be funny sometimes or sometimes it might not be...depends on which side of the truth you are on I am guessing. Let me know what Ya'll think about my little memo.
Letter to my Siblings:
I have NOT scheduled any party for mothers birthday.... I am not an only child! So to my beloved sister and brother, if you two come up with anything please inform me and the we will be happy to attend. I am on hiatus, some one else needs to make plans... I quit being the family coordinator thanks for the support through all the years Cheers-dar

Now I ask you ...what is wrong with that?

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 44th President Day

Hello Everybody, what a day today HUH! I have done absolutely nothing today except for watch TV. It was very interesting to watch. (I just wish they would shut up and let you enjoy it without talking over all the singing and giving their opinions. It would be nice just to watch and enjoy it all) I never took off my pj's all day. Yep that lazy.

I know some of ya'll know Derfina, and I got to have another girlie night Sunday. Thank you IB, for wanting to watch football with your main man Steve. I am sorry I don't have a lot to report or show ya''ll we pretty much just chilled. ( a lil while anyway)

It was a beautiful day the weather was just perfect. Derfina came over a lil after 3. We sat outside and had a couple of drinks. We decided not to light the fire pit, we didn't want to smell like smoke all night. I grilled a couple of steaks and cooked some dar special taters. We watched 2 movies. Shortly after the first movie started, dardar started to get a headache. Which ended up turning into a I'll be back in a moment to visit with you Derfina, poor thing had to deal with me throwing up all night. (Guessing it was the combo of the bloody marys and steak - I am not much on the red meat department-so the wuss I am gave it all back plus interest) But at least I got to share 2 movies Derfina hadn't seen yet. For the most part it was very enjoyable and relaxing (at least I hope it was for Derfina) I always enjoy my time with her we always manage to laugh about something! I did get hear about the vacation and look at their pictures. Ya'll when be in for a treat when she sits down to write and post the pictures.

So, yes I am still in my pj's whats your point? I think tomorrow will be a better day and I might just get dressed! LOL


P.S. Props to Lilly for teaching me how to hide my links
Props to Braja for being my GURU Queen
Props again to Derfina for being my friend for 33 years
Props to Pearl just cuz she makes me smile all the time

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Friday, January 16, 2009

One More Fa La La

Hello - EveryBody! I thought I would share just a little bit more of the family with ya'll and our families crazy Christmas. As all of you will be able to tell is does get a little crazy, everybody is doing their own thing. Everybody talks at the same time and it is He who Yells the loudess, maybe just maybe will be heard. (Sometimes I use a bell and drive everybody crazy, but they Will listen to me-even in protest) But, we have a lot of fun, a lot of presents, a lot of people and a LOT of food. We basically graze all day long.
It starts out quiet, just the folks and me on Christmas morning with the kids (2 pups). Then the family comes in on the Saturday after Christmas. Then the real fun starts with all the kids (the real ones & more puppies-I forgot about that there were three more that came in for the fun and 3 other lil pups left at home - poor babies). So, I hope you enjoy the holidays one more time with my family. The families with the babies are the Bourland zoo= Richard-my nephew, Wife Jennifer, West-5, Travis-3, Ella-1, and The the other Bourland Family is Frank, Brooke my niece and Emoree-3. Then you have the rest of the big kids all of us!
Rudey dog begging for a present (she loves to get presents and she knows when it is Christmas time)
MomKay giving Rudey her first present
Oh Yes, she does, opens each one and growls if you try to assist her.
Mom Kay (this is like her 4 printer request)
PaPa Bob with his raceboat I got him
Start of Saturday-Travis (3) with my hat
Sister in law Kay with her plaque-LOL so true
My sister Joy holding up her real present from me (see below post for gag gift) Notice how everybody is doing something different. (in the picture is my nephew Richard, holding the picture for his mom, my sister Joy, that is Kay standing, sister in law, Santa, my brothers ear, my mother lol about sumpin)
AWWWWE Rudey got another present
That's my aunt there...the foot
Proof that I always have shorts on , That a child hood trama gift I just opened (my beloved family) I had a bad experience once as a child...and it involved a damn sock monkey. Notice the damn sock monkey I opened not only is it a sock monkey but it is a neon sock monkey!!!
(in the chair filming the trama is my niece Emily 17, me and Karen)
MomKay at her normal
Love, Love, Love this picture of Emoree (3.5) my caption is Nobody is watching me! Why aren't they watching me, I am fixing to dance! So, precious! It's all about them babies.
Okay ya'll really that is it for Christmas 2008 see ya next year! Hope you enjoyed the peek and review. CuZ.........

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lilly May I

Okay so I am stealing a little blog lead from Lilly please check out her blog talk about being a talented writer go read Lilly @ sorry I don't know how to hide that yet (they are going to kick me off for that aren't they?) So in reading Lilly's post today It bought to my mind what me and my sister do. We go for who can give the ugliest gift. Last year she gave me the beloved cow below as my "gift" It did give me a wonderful laugh. Purple being my favorite color when she saw this she said she stopped dead in her tracks and said she didn't care how much money it cost...had to have it. Believe me I can see why. This lovely purple cow bull with the beautiful colorful butterflies is also a bank. So, not only is it a beautiful conversation piece it also has a purpose! But, the kicker is I have grown very fond of purple cow bull I keep him out all year long. (now I didn't say everybody can see it but I do daily it makes me smile) I think my new bff Braja will love him too when she sees him. (might as well get in more trouble so here) You can find Braja @
purple cowbank how useful ;-9
So, you know what they say about pay back. The dar tries her best to keep up...LOL After the cowbullcrap I mean bank. I combed the stores last year and at Tuesday Mornings in the window there it was, calling to me. Here I am, can you see me, oh, yes, I do and you will be purrfect...what the F**K, what do you mean closed till March, WTF...Shaking, I got to have it NOW, I must have it. Oh, NO, she's just looking and pointing, smacking that gum pointing...closed for inventory. Heart is thumping but, you don't understand I gotts to get it. Well, frick she wouldn't open the damn door. I shook all the way home but I marked the date and waited and waited.

I was the first one there and 20 minutes early. NObody was gonna get this baby. People were starting to gather but I dare them, talk about sum body language going on! The door opened I ran in and just dared anybody to get in my way. As I am moving through the store I was asking the clerk where the Christmas stuff was. I never slowed she yelled as I was heading (thankyou) in the right direction. And there he was patiently waiting on me. I grabbed him and was gone in a moment. (he was a fantastic 75% off too whoohoo) So, the next two pictures are of my sister holding her new prize conversation piece. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge them to get the full effect.
You probably can't make it out but that is a red fox on the side of the patchwork deer that is painted lite blue, his horns have glitter, he has red striped socks on and it says Joy on the side, which is my sisters name...priceless and cheap! GottaLovethat. I am thinking it is only downhill from here.
Don't forget to check out my best BFF's blog you ALL will be thanking me for telling All Ya'll about these very creative and beautiful women. (you ALL are Welcome very much .. NOW Go get your read on) @

Happy Happy Joy Joy - Derfina is Back!

Yay, running around in circles, dancing, screaming, singing, READING,yes I said reading, she's back, she is really... DERFINA is back...yayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayYAY! Can you tell how happy I am that she is back...I smell a girly night coming up, oh yes, I do. Dar, Derfina, Braja, Pearl , Com'on now that's a pardee' waiting to happen! Find my bud at this link...because I don't know how to hide it! :-( YEHAW she just called, she sounds like she had a yaddayaddayadda YEWHAW time and I can't wait to hear all about it!)How about you guys r u ready?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

buck or two continued

As promise he is a very recent picture of daddy buck knuckles, yes that is what I am calling him from now on. See his rear right foot. It isn't suppose to look that way. Lil boy will now be called lil moose boy. He cracks me up, he is short and stocky...hey wait, that sounds like me! Oh, Well, like mama, like son, LOL. Oh he is so prudee
LiL moose boy lol
he almost looks like he has donKey in him!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Buck or two!

Daddy Buck has a broken right foot you can see the big knuckle, that has to hurt. I will get some updated picutres of daddy buck within the next couple of nights. (I hope) Just thought I would share these for now. These are of LiL Boy when he was only a four pointer with his Dad
See the below pictures how fast LiL boy turned into 6 points to be so far. The date is 12/11/08 on the first picture and then 1/12/09 so almost one month wow how he has changed.
Home grown from a baby LiL Boy
LiL Fat Boy

Friday, January 9, 2009

Derfina & IB shaking the earth in Costa Rica

Hello everybody! Wanted to let ya'll know there was an earthquake in Costa Rica this morning. I fired an email to Derfina to check on them. She just got to the internet cafe' and the internet is very crappy. But, she and the IB are okay and what to let everybody know that and she sends her love to all. Yay, what a relief it is to know they are okay. :-)

Derfina said they are having fun, that is evident by the earthquake if you ask me..LOL

I cannot wait till she sits down to write about this vacation. I will need a pot of coffee I am sure.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Doe A Deer

early bird feeder
Fog rolling in

He is so prettyother side now...thanks!
the mama & the girls
mama hey get over here kids I'm gonna tell your dad
xoxo dar

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh... NO - SHE did"NT!!!

Mama KK and Papa Bob isn't she so cute! Good Morning all my fellow bloggers. Today I am going to talk about my mother and our lil trip to wally world yesterday. My mother does not like to shop at all. She only makes plans when she absolutely has to go out, either to get groceries or medicine. Yesterday was I need a couple of things...looks to me and says you don't have much to get or look at do you...cause dar can kill some time just wondering around looking at people more than looking at stuff. I said no just need some aquarium stuff basically I am good. So, off we go..should known the kind of mini trip it would be by the way she was wrestling with her seat belt and yaking back at it.! (clue no.1)
Okay clue number two (keeping my mouth shut) she is only doing 28 miles per a 45... I start twicing at this point...keeping ever so quiet..which is soooo hard for me...miss led foot. (Re: Derfina I believe posted a screaming cat blog ode' to me) Normally my mom is a great, calm is different though. But, knowing there is a "mood" upon us I will remain quiet about the speed. (secretly inhaling a xanex) Well, we make a normal turn onto seaway road it's appox. 3 miles long...and boring industial site road! Then she decides she needed to do the speed limit plus a lil more...then preceded to find out a Cadillac was in her way..and it is evidentially clear to her they absolutley do not know how to drive...(now at this point dar is wondering why she decide to go and what is wrong with her ever so calm mom today and is now getting a lil concerned) as we tailgate them all the way to the red light...then a lil further!
Okay we are now pulling into to wally world over by the garden center, where we normally park. Well, come on everybody let's poke Kay Kay some more today...We go to turn in the correct way to go park..our arrow is point the correct way...Well, wouldn't you know it, somebody is coming out the wrong way and we can't turn till they get out the way....(yes, that is me sinking in the seat) This person had to be at least 90 driving and had oxygen running around her head...(no judgement here!?!wtf) Well, that is all KK needed to start her on her growl again...I am so thankful that older person had their window up because lord knows KK was giving her the buisness and then some (yes that is my favorite color on my face PURPLE) I am still in shock at what I am hearing come out of my mothers mouth. This is a woman if I drop the F bomb around her by mistake...she will make me leave (no discussion get out my house NOW!)..She called Derfina and said come get her before I kill her the last time I dropped the f bomb. (Derfina did and took me to Mobile...go figure!) Okay so now we are shopping...we do not stay together I could not handle that...not in her mood today! So, I get my lil bit of stuff call her on the phone tell her I am ready when ever I will be up hour later she showed up...
OKay we check out, I am loading up her car and we are on the way out of here to safely getting KK back home and away from poeple today. Okay any of you who have ever been to Wal mart Wally World will know that the parking lot is the biggest challenge of all to get out of safely! Having said that we go to back up ...but can't, yes, you are correct there is a car coming down the wrong way (OMG here we go again) Well, KK at this point is extremely mad...I see smoke but not from her as we take up soooo much more room then we needed...she approaches the big duelly rig truck...rolls her window down and informs Mr. I ain't been to wally world since last year it's time to stock up...truck man..he is going the wrong way...he looks at her and just precedes on... I scatch my head going what is with KK today.
Okay we are now on the lane to get us to the main road... When I notice a brother man heading out in his hoopty ride...I was admiring his hoopty and how much brother man had spent on his old hoopty...Rims all a shinning...cobalt blue metalic paint job...old style with new style brother man hoopty job. Well, brother man didn't man cut KK off and I mean really point she had to slam on brakes (arms comes flying arcoss hits me in the chest slamming on breaks fast...ounch ma...Yes, see still trys to protect her 48 year old kid in the car that has her seat belt on..but mama's arm will always protect you from flying through the windshield, or choaking if by chance you were at that "very"point.) Well, ever heard of the LAST man broke it ..broke the straw BAD!! ( I am extremely nervous at this point) Brother man slows down because he sees this crazy redhead going bananas...his window is down...I see KK rolling hers down. At this point I am begging...let it go mama...let it go...usually it is me already out of my car demanding brother man get out and lets get it on...but not this time. It is lil ole KK...My mother is 71 years old and barely 100 pounds! Brother man gets even with KK's window and she is letting him have man is looking at her, looking at me, I am looking at his blunt he is smoking (thanking God he is smoking that blunt and is in maybe a happy place-I am praying!) I am giving the brother man the I know she is a lil crazy look.. but don't make me get out and kill you brother got a cool hoopty an all...just don't make dar get out! (Dar is a stand standing 5'1 and Chest bowed out to a size 50 by now...I get big and proud when I get my defense stance on )
Brother man's car you got to realize is so close he or KK couldn't open their doors...all he had to do was just punch her...I could feel it...I am freaking at this point big time...going I am going to have to do something if he makes one move...(now he was in the wrong...but my mother didn't have to pick a fight...she was aware it was handled to where nobody got hurt YET! Thank goodness again, brother man was chilling with his blunt because I don't think he could process as fast as KK was hurling her word bullets at him! Otherwise I think I would be positng a couple of mug shots here. Brother man gave me a side ways smile and rolled on...(breathing hard with relief) I then dove into my mother about picking fights with brother men who drive hoopties! I asked her what was going on with her today and she said she is just fed up with rude people and just isn't going to take it anymore...she doesn't give a rip what they think... OH my, I think I will be offering to do more of her shopping for her from now on.!!! Thank you brother man for not punching out KK and making me get out and beat the life out of you...oh yes, I can't do chit if you ain't got any knee capps sucker!! Bring it...LOL yes, I have a short chit attitude and I don't give a rip!

xoxo dar

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's get drunk and Wii golf

Just a quickie, Derfina and I got together last night for a girls night. We had a lot of fun. We went to the mall to go eat and do a little window shopping. It had been a while since I was in the mall on a Saturday night. I am surprised at how many young people hang out at the mall...of course it was raining so that could have had something to do with it. After we ate we headed back to the mole hole to get our Saturday night drinking on and our Wii fix agoing! We started out by playing golf and thought I would share exactly HOW close Derfina and I ...actually are! Well, I hit my first ball...then it was Derfina turn....hummmm you just have to see the picture below. Yes, I had to take a picture. Because in all my Wii playing...I have never had some one come up in my business like ms thang did...see below! Music suggestion. Courtship of Eddies father..."People let me tell you about my best friend"...LOL I see "balls"

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Music suggestion... Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places