Saturday, February 28, 2009

This & That

Good Morning Friends, remember my little flower bed I put in day before yesterday? Well, here it is now, in the green house being all protected against the winds and storms.
Least the flowers are getting to know my palms which will be beside the flower bed eventually.
Here's KK I am sneaking up on her as she is pressure washing the driveway. (the drive way is like a flight line it is so long) this is her 3rd pressure washer. 1 she burned up 1500 psi. 2 papa's pressure washer was 3000 psi, lifted her little booty right off the ground...rotflmao, she really took 3 steps back when she tried that one. It was like she was shooting a shot gun I almost peed myself...3 papa just bought her a 1600 psi, just right for KK.
But, what ya'll have to notice is her boots/waders...She is so funny. I wish you all could meet her she is ... well, there is only one KK
Look at her lil booty sticking out..wait there isn't a booty ....skinny thang
Okay I am going to get killed if KK ever sees this picture. But, KK is 72 years young...LOOK at her. You might ask yourself what gives KK the energy she needs to get up and going and looking so good and young and acting younger than her daughter old fart dardar. Here it is folks.....Be sure to blow this picture up so you can really read and enjoy it all. Truly funy...sooo real!!! (I came back to add this...I found this just like this on the table when I was taking pictures of her) This is NOT a staged picture-again risking my life posting this!
Now on to some pretty pictures around the back yard. The Jasmine is really coming in. Mr. bumble bee did not like me hanging out taking pictures there. That's him flying in for a flyby.
White Camilla's along the back side of my pool.

The red Azalea's behind my pool.

I think this is called a peppermint Camilla.

Also, would like to acknowledge the loss of a fellow blogger. Lisa, @clusterfook lost her battle with cancer last night. She was very special to derfina and many others. Please take a moment say a prayer and go visit her sight, she leaves behind a husband, her children and many friends.


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Braja said...

Dammit, you ARE after your own home show! And your ma is gonna be your sidekick...right?

darsden said...

Braja-that would be nice! Mainly all this needs to be done anyway but the upcoming wedding has pushed everything up to turbo speed.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome and I'm so sorry to hear about your friend passing.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Your little garden is adorable.
Wish I had a green house to start some plants for my garden.
If we never hear from you again, we'll know what happed after KK saw those pics!!
Sooo sorry about Lisa!! Very sad!

darsden said...

Tabitha-Thankyou honey

TF-LOL I hope KK doesn't see that 1 specially.

Yes, it must be extremely hard for Lisa's family right now. I keep thinking about the kids.