Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mini Destin Vacation

Good Morning...Yeah, heading out to Destin, Florida today to go play with the kids.Destin is just a lil over 3 hours away. Rudey (my dog) and I are in the process of packing. West, has a halloween parade he wants me to attend. Should be very cute, put on by the 4 and 5 year olds. Then there is halloween on Friday and the kids want me to go with them...I will for a little while then I see me and babygirl Ella (just turned 1) heading back to the house to pass out ....Candy that is... The weather should be just perfect for trick or treating...lil nip in the air is just right.
Planning on catching up with my girlfriends for a birthday celebration on Thursday night. One of the lil nurses needs a pick me up....so 3 of us are going to do just that. Okay, a bit boring...yes, but maybe I will come back with some better juice...
Have a safe halloween everybody...this lil girl needs to go get some candy...tootles