Wednesday, May 11, 2011

*Danger* D'ants on D' loose

Sometimes I amaze myself on What A Really KOOL Auntie I can be. (yes, that is a trumpet sound you are hearing) OH, wait it could also be interpreted as I refuse to grow up. I ordered the must have for all back yard pool accessories. Also, could be interpreted as look moma B what I got for your kids and could you please sign this small waiver form for me. Okay I did extensive research before I made my purchase to make sure it was durable for what I wanted it for. It has exceeded all expectation. I RULE in the Aunt world. Happy, Happy Joy Joy, as long as you meet the weight limit...crap o la... now researching xxl size....SUMMER TIME OH YEA BABE'

Just Add Kids

Put a garden hose on it made it faster. Love it fits perfect on the deck. Sorry digital camera can't catch in action
Just chilling after all that sliding
Best Slide ever for kids, very sturdy and has it's own stablizers!

Step 2 U Rock!

xoxo dar

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