Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got A Box

I sat here this morning reflecting those five years ago... I hear at 7 am on that forever life changing morning... (a hand shaking me) Get Up, Get UP.. it's here... my mother insisting I get up...why mom...she says "I have already had my coffee and a xanex and you need to get up and be with me and watch this... I told Bob, to get up too" "how you two can be sleeping at a time like this is beyond me... I got up laughing and saying okay mom.....OMG!

This is one of the most empowering picture I have ever seen. I am here to speak some truths. Today I am reflecing on the 5th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. I am pulling out the biggest box I can stand on. I Want to make sure You All hear ME loud and Clear. Hurricane Katrina, hit Mississippi, it wiped out my entire coastline of Mississippi and several blocks deep. Along with my friends in Alabama... New Orleans was a LEVY break after hurricane Katrina came to Mississippi!!! New Orleans was dropped by our government on a humanistic level. I feel for all the people of New Orleans, for having to endure what they did on that human level. But for the LOVE of God, Get the facts straight. All that is heard is how bad New Orleans got hit by Katrina!!! UHMMMMM step the hell over a few miles and take a look at Mississippi that is ground zero. New Orleans had homes left to start with ... for re-building... we didn't even have the sidewalks left in Mississippi. WE STILL don't!!! Why because everybody except for Robin Roberts is in Fucking New Orleans...STILL!!! (stop don't leave yet keep reading because it's almost over)

Bottom Line it's not just New Orleans people...President Obama is visiting New Orleans because he thinks that is ground zero...and you wonder why I am shaking with him being my President!

Wayne Brown should be in jail for not responding and worrying about what shirt he should wear that makes his fat ass look skinnier. WB there are no shirts or pants that will do that for your self absorbed ass. Beside you can't fix ugly...That was in excusable for leaving all the people of New Orleans to die in the streets.

We can as a Nation mobilize to run the hell to Hatti in hours, fly across seas to a tsunami find out we can't drop water to a State in America to keep Americans from dying... People should be doing jail time!!!

Mississippi, has always been overlooked because we are too busy re-building for ourselves and not running in front of the camera saying what are you going to give us....We are busy getting it and doing it on our own. But this is and will always be ground zero no matter what spin is put on it.. LIKE us discovering America...uhmmmm the Natives were here first. wonder what the history books will say about Katrina!

Never would have believed my mother would not be here for this anniversary. Which is also, the 5th anniversary of my mother losing her mother. We buried my grandmother Friday before the Monday of Katrina! Hurricane Katrina, doesn't even compare to losing...losing that Mom!!!

This is a homemade video of Our Front Yard during the beginning of her wrath
The water was within 6 inches of coming in the house. We would lose the trees in this video. There are more videos being added on YouTube as we speak. Under darsden (clever!!!)

Hurricane Katrina, Rest In Peace, I am soooo over You!!!

whadda ya mean there are 3 storms out there......

The Link for the rest of the videos is HERE

xoxo dar
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"The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you"
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Ask!!!

I was having a really bad day last week. I was really upset thinking about how much has changed...since one little woman's passing. My Mom, wow how just her being around made all the difference. I am so lost right now without her. Like I said I was really having a bad day. So, I started talking to her like I always do. I told her I was really upset and I thought I could really use a rainbow about now. I needed to know that my dad was going to be okay. That things would be okay. I hadn't seen one in a few years now, so I could really use one right about now Mom.

I went back to playing on the internet. Then about 20 minutes later the color outside turned so funky color. It was shinning through my door. It was almost glowing. I had to get up and check it out. Checking around and then I almost passed out when I looked to the East.....
There she was in all her glory just as requested sent by a mother's love through her father!
It was actually a double one you can barely make out the second arch but it's there.
I called my niece that lives about 6 miles away and told her the story and she stepped outside and she too could see the double rainbow...we were both so speechless it made us giddy.
So, after seeing my double rainbow I turned to the South to catch this picture...
Looks like hands were reaching out to me...I see hands...!!!
So, I know she hears me. She makes her presents known all the time around here. The beauty in the flowers and plants around here isn't cuz I am taking that good of care of them. I am doing my best, but I know I am being helped all the time from above. It isn't getting any easier right now, actually harder. Time seems to drag minute by minute I feel every second of the day without her. Then I go I can't believe it has been 224 day an eternity already...but still so fresh!
If I could only have 5 more minutes, what I would tell her!!!
I miss this sweet face so much!!!!
xoxo dar
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"The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you"
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