Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Thing

Just wanted to add a picture to let ya'll all know what I am fix'in to get into. I am out of wood so I need to go find me some trees. Don't worry I only get the ones that are already laying on the ground partially dead already are the ones I prefer. We still have several of those laying around from Katrina. Some barely hanging on to life and those already too far gone for even a fire pit. But, to those majestic trees that once stood so proudly what better way to be paid omege' too than for dar to lite you up one more time and purely enjoy all that you were. This tree loving hippie would never cut down a living tree just for burning in a fire. I feel it is my duty however if a tree has falling or has to be taken down, it should and deserve the very best way to go...being enjoyed by dar one more time. (now mind you if I had the means I would create all kinds of stuff with this wood but, no tools, no skills, but I do have a lighter! I do enjoy sitting out by the fire pit and I do appreciate the trees living, dying and now burning for me!)

Fear not when I go out to play, I always make my mommie (lol I am such a tooL) come out and spot me when " I do it " I have the tendency to be accident prone. So if I cut off my foot or something, she can bag it up for me, be there for me ya know, just in case-well...okay, I will still have to bag it up myself, hop around on the other foot to go get some ice, all the while telling KK to just smoke a another cig it will all be okay, I'll get the car and be right back to pick her up...LOL (Really that is how it would be after she stopped rolling around laughing at me!!!)
Mom, does come out to watch, giving me the instructions the entire time. (doesn't she see the head phones - EVER?)

This is the one I have been using forever it is a lil electric one. I have had this one for over 10 years now. I have changed the blade like 3 times. But, it is so quick and convenient with it being electric. (just have to move everything closer to the house to cut, but that's why pop has a tractor- I get him to pull them too me all the time too.) You can see in the picture how much this lil puppy has been used. Yes, they are both Poulans, good lil brand-Yes, I be happy to take any endorsement money poulan would like to send my way.

I got Wild Thing up there a couple of Christmas ago and have never used it. That's right she's a virgin, never beened oiled. I have to go to wallyworld and get some bar & chain oil, plus gas can so I can mix the oil & gas...see what I mean how easy a plug and go is!

I am looking forward to leaving the cleared property to get the other down trees in the woods. The Woods around here are gonna be the cleanest in the South. I be loving me some wood now...LOL


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darsden said...

TF, Welcome to my lil blog world thank you for joining and following I appreciate it :-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Good luck with the wood cutting. That's something I need to get done. The drought has took it's toll on many of our trees here on the farm. Much cleaning up needs to be done.

darsden said...

TF, sorry to hear about the drought. Katrina took took over 300 of our trees. We are still losing some due to them not being able to recover from the shock. We have also had several tall pines hit by lightening and that sometimes takes a while for the whole tree to die. I hope to get some done before the rain starts.

derfina said...

*snort* For ME? Awwww....


darsden said...

derfina-You got it without me even having to do anything but hi-lite it...HaHaHa

darsden said...

GF the weather is going to get really bad here real soon...ssh tordano weather predicting