Tuesday, March 31, 2009

swimming inside

Good Morning, I am going to try to share a few pictures of my aquarium. I have found it is not easy trying to take pictures of fish! I had to go through a lot to get these few. You can click on the picture to blow them up it helps with some of the details of the fish. rare to see my catfish out esp for a picture yoyo botia-jr tank ruler
red tail shark-the tank ruler
african leaf fish-she's cool - my fav
yoyo sleeps belly up, I always think he is dead
leaf likes to hide
Plecostomus-sucker fish
yoyo likes to take his picture
Plecostomus he is getting big
male betta rare appearance, sunkist gourami, my shark peeking in
I couldn't get good pictures of some of them. They are too fast and too small and shy. Thanks for dropping by and checking the tank out. I am going out to batten down the hatches again. It's going to be another bumpy day weather wize...YUCK, I 'm over the storms already!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

dar's white water rafting club now open

WooooWeeee What a night it was on the Ponderosa. I don't ever remember the thunder rolling like that. It didn't stop for hours! Yesterday's post warned of what was to come. It came and is still coming. We not only lost the island underwater but we also lost the drive way. Pop's new walk way he rebuild for the wedding, we will have to see if we can find it when the water goes down. As far as being able to take the same pictures from yesterday..I can't due to the fact I cannot cross the rapids to get there and that part is totally under water anyway. I took what I could sorry if a couple were blurry but it has started sprinkling again...goodness we don't need any more rain. They say the sun will be out by noon, we sure do need it.
We need to go find all our stuff.
it was up to the flag poll
This is the spill way that the water went over last night okay notice that is a hugh incline
before I walked down to take a look ...beautiful
where the lil bride got married 2 weeks ago..glad it wasn't this weekend
white water anybody
other side of the driveway
just raw power
u could almost catch a wave
the walk way to the second bridge I walked over yesterday
the 5 foot drop off yesterday that is out of the bank by now 20 feet can't even get there
the currant just cutting through..uhmmmm no ditch here normally
the dark line is how far the water was so it has dropped by 10 feet
the white rapids in the back..aren't suppose to be there at all, why I can't reach the other side
the bride would have needed swim fins instead of heels . If you zoom in on this picture-I mean blow it up. You can see the water was over the floor at one point because of the pinestraw wrapped around the beam and all the trash. It was probably half way up the rail.
can't get over there from here
blow this one up to you can see all the trash trapped in the fence side
narlly dude
the ducks again going...wtf...pops missing his boards on the other side it drops off
lil dude can't swim that fast

another angle of the mini rapid
where the wedding was held and the boat is under
this clump of debry isn't suppose to be here, it's from it coming over the driveway
going under the driveway and the debry on top from the flow thru
the sound is unreal wish ya'll could hear it
at least 6 to 8 inches in 3 hours is what they are saying
the wisteria hang in there


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Friday, March 27, 2009

A rapid runs thru it

Good Morning, posting some picture of some of the rain we have been getting. By the end of the day the island and gazebo in the back will be totally under water. Here is something to ponder when hurricane Katrina hit (yes we stayed) the gazebo in the back ground was totally under water. The water was actually 2 feet higher than it stands. It was 6 inches from coming into the house. I know ya'll have seen pictures of how high that hill is the house is on. Anyway these are pre pictures I will post more after it finishes flooding. (yes at 2:08 this morning Rudey and I were running for cover for a tornado warning) So, over the bad weather! These are the rapids cutting through the driveway...this is usually a dry area
I would hate to fall in...it's moving

This is it cutting through and usually it is a 5 foot drop off, it is flush with the land right now.
Another angle of the pond creeping out the banks...so far it's only out by 4 feet
The lil bridge behind the gazebo to the other side of the pond try to show the wisteria growing.
out of the banks
again the drop off over this bridge is usually 5 feet it is almost flush.
The azaleas all took a beating last night too.
Even too deep for the ducks...lol
Only one baby left now....dang it...
Rudey watching the baby duck.
a orange azalea
white azalea
pink one
Oh, I just got back from taking derfina to the airport...she is jumping out her skin....HELLO she make me take her to the airport at 9 and her plane doesn't leave till noon. LOL She has a frigging three hour lay over 3 miles from my house...she was like on a pogo stick people!!!

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