Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sticker project

I have been missing the kids so bad since they all moved out of town. So, I decided I needed to come up with a happy for them all and kids love stickers. So before I went to Virginia to see three of them I whipped up a sticker book for each of them to take with me. This way I could write each of them and send stickers to them ... via the old fashion way.. the post office. I have been trying to do it weekly but sometimes it turns into two weeks...key word "try" for weekly! I just took some 3 ring binders, punched holes in a lot of construction paper, plus put the circle tabs on both side of all the holes..the kids are all under 5 so they needed to be tough. Printed pictures off my computer for each front and back. Added some pictures and stickers to start.
West is into nascar, Jeff Gordon is his favorite... he is 5
I put pictures of us in each kids book, along with postcards and blank pages to add to
Travis is 3 and he got scooby doo and mickey mouse on the binder for him
They really get excited getting their individual letters and stickers from me. They have a place now to put the stickers instead of all over the house and toys. The books were a big hit with the kids but also a big hit for the mothers :-) I was excited they really enjoyed putting the stickers in the book and look forward each time to adding more to them.
Emoree and Ella got Cinderalla, Belle and Snow white,
Ella's inside
what the blank pages are like to add pictures and stickers toI also put clear page protectors in there for the letters and any other stuff they get that they want to collect in their sticker book.
Needless to say I am pretty sticker poor these days...but it is so much fun sending them lil happys that I know they are very excited to get. They call me and thank me for them and always say...dardar could you send me some more next time LOL. West, will also tell me if he talks to me that he didn't get any mail with his name on it today or stickers.. :-))

Well, see I do a few other things besides just taking pictures of flowers :-)

Okay Special request go check out the new finding I found through Idiot's Stew.. After you read him go check out The life and Times of Malady..and JOIN some love...
thank you my friends.


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Biscuits Gone Wild

This post is for Otin, he just loves picking on me about my flowers, he even tried ordering like at a florist last week. So, I thought I would send some more his way and for ya'll to enjoy too :-))
I can't even get them all in the picture esp. the red one...had at least 10 blooms on it
she finally bloomed too... a smaller and softer one

so rich it looks like you could drink it

xoxo dar Geaux Get Your Read On!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Anybody seen George

Well, I have been keeping quite about it..but George has been missing from the Ponderosa. I have looked everywhere for him. His favorite mud hole, the pond, the creek even checking the woods around to see if I can find him. I have had no luck..
Then the phone rang... Ma'am ...
Could you please come get George.. Well, I would be more than happy too ;-)


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

founding bloggy mothers

This is dedicated to my forefounding bloggy mothers. Those that have truly inspired me. Those that have enlightened me, those of which I can never get enough of. Those that have worked their way so far into my heart there is NO chance of them ever leaving.
First the one who introduced this world to me. My buddy for the last 33 plus years, Derfina over at Life in the River, Second but none the less First is Braja My Queen over at Lost and Found in India. My own personal spiritual guru who has helped me see passed the nose on my face and has completely stolen my heart. She also opened a whole new world of bloggers to me like Pearl, my Minnesota twin at Pearl Why you so...who in their right mind would want to ride a bus anywhere without Pearl. Suzy over at Hollywood Where Hot comes to die, who new a celebrity could be so funny, cool and beautiful at the same time. Vodka Mom ...she is unbelievably talented in writing with heart filled life stories and extremely witty in the process of her writing.
These women have been very influential to my upbringing here in blogland. But, I have to throw a couple of newbies in here too because I heart them so too. Michel, over at Facts are strictly optional, if there was ever a person so wrapped up in themselves with humor it is Michel, she's right I can't quit her she is a very addicting drug. Now lets add in Pastor Sharon..has to be the coolest pastor I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Her life trials and tribulations leave me speechless.
Please if you haven't gone and visited the women do so will not be sorry. There are so many others, but like Michel the laziness has rubbed off on me and I am tired of go and enjoy some readings of these very fine women, who mean the world to me :-)
Be sure to show respect to these women as they have earned it.


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let there be Michael's everywhere

Okay for those who have been visiting dar's lil world for a while, knows she loves her some hibiscus. But there are many stories that go with the hibiscus...for examples the names and where they come from. Hibiscus first name relation is Hot biscuits...comes from when my sisters kids were young and their dad would buy and plant hibiscus, the babies couldn't grasp the names so they became the ever beloved hot biscuits...they knew how to say that..duh we live in the south! Made with just about every meal and snack down here! Next is another funny one that comes from my beloved Braja. I think most of ya'll know her by now..if you don't you will...

Couple a months ago I had attended my brother in laws graduation for becoming the first doctor in the family...YAY for him, we were all so proud for him and ya'll know I took like 500 pictures of the event. Well, at the same time is when I jumped on the bandwagon of Wordless Wednesday..I stole it, oh yes I did, right from Joanie of Joanie's Random Ramblings. (I don't think she minded) So during this time, all the hot biscuits started really blooming. Especially the orange ones were going crazy so I started snapping pictures like crazy and they made it on my wordless Wednesday post. (A LOT) Where I am always to happy to say keep click on the picture it will make them bigger. So, feel free to click on any picture to make them bigger :-))
Well, Missy Braja did just that, but instead of saying hibiscus or hot biscuit the title was Michael. I had forgotten to change my card out or rename the new grouping so now the hibiscus are lovingly called Michael's, the orange Michae'ls are Braja's favorites. The plant of God! So this is where the reference to Michael's are coming from. Braja has renamed them and that is what has stuck with me since then. It is funny how just the lil things will bring the biggest smiles to my face.
So now as I walk around visting them I lovely call them Michael's and Braja's since being named that I have notice more and more blooms... what powers that woman has all the way from India... :-) Now ya'll know the story of Michael, and Braja isn't crazy (or drinking all the time)


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shake your Groove Thang!

Well, this pass weekend I had the time of my life. What fun it was attending The class of nineteen cough, seven, omg, nine. It is very hard to believe it has been thirty years since I have seen these people. I am so glad I went. I wouldn't have gone had I not hooked up with the McBreakfast club girls before hand. It would have been too easy not to make the effort. I am so proud of myself for going. I know ya'll will find this hard to believe but I am extremely shy. It is very easy sitting here and being all that with the cloath of computer I wear! So, me going out is major, me going out to a thirty year school reunion..unbelievable...(and considering when I was in school I barely attended) my mother was even excited for sad is that! LOL But, had a ball both nights dancing and laughing playing catchup. I had one drink each night then went to just water..but I wasn't the only one everybody was water drinking...too funny or too old!
we of course started our weekend off at McBreakfast club-aka coffee club mickey d's
McBreakfast club again
Shirley, Sheila and me first night Skeeters pool hall
Cynthia & Susan I go all the way back to first grade with these guys
Susan and me
John all the way back to elementary
Cynthia, Dana & Katy all the way back to elementary
Me & Cynthia
Me & Susan
Shirley & Sheila the twins
our lil fun table 2nd night at the yacht club
good goodly moogly I am one of those dancers... I didn't want to ever be one of "those" dancers you know the ones..that do weird chit with their mouths...crap I am one of those!
Sheila & Me
Shirley & Del
Me & Julie
Me & Kim
I don't even remember taking this one...LOL outside at the yacht club
everybody do the dance
doing our own two stepping-uhmmm my cocktail is water..LOL
shake it baby shake it-don't make the dance mouth move...what am I taking a picture of
I had a blast all weekend long. I was sorry it had to come to an end. I hope we all plan another one real soon. It was the best turn out they have ever had for a class reunion..30 years still here!

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Ponderosa Part II

Well, here is the rest of the pondersosa. Pretty much covers the land around here. But, trust me when I say the pictures really don't do it ya just have to see it in person. Please call a head though wanna make sure I am around for the guiding tour. Enjoy your walk this evening.
The side along the mole hole that goes to the back yard
across the pond heading to the side behind the gazebo
so peaceful on this side
sunlight through the pines
tons of trees and shade over here..but went 20 feet underwater during hurricane Katrina
second part of the pond
Pop the yard man
the side yard is just beautiful and shady
one of the bridges
another lil bridge
That concludes our Ponderosa Land tour. Thank you for coming by and taking the tour. Please com'on back for when the mole hole tour is available and the car collection. Coming real soon!

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