Saturday, January 31, 2009

Geaux Under Dog Geaux

Yay, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday! I am so glad the regular teams are Not making their appearance. I am excited there is a real under dog this year. Arizona Cardinals have never been to the big bowl. So, you know who I am going to be hollering for. This is a bitter sweet day, one because it is the big bowl but it is also sad because it is the end of football season. I do enjoy the game even if it is just backgound noise to whatever I am doing. The best naps are on Sunday with football on in the backgound!
I am having open house tomorrow as usual. I know of a few people coming over to enjoy and eat. But, I never really know for sure till it happens to who all shows up. But, there will be plenty of Bloody Marys (even though I swore a couple of weeks ago I would Never drink them again-well, how the hell can you watch the biggest game of the year without them - Really!) I will also have a couple of other drinks available, beer, martini's, etc. There will be 2 types of hot wings, chilli, potato skins, veggies, chicken salad, chips, dips, salsa and everything else that all the others bring. I know there will be more food than needed, always is.
Got the firepit outside stacked and ready for tomorrow. Can't watch football without running in and out to catch some fire time...but, if you look real close you will see exactly how big of a red neck I can be...Why yes, Yes, that is a TV outside by my firepit...wha cha mean...miss a commercial are you crazy-seriously do you think I would miss any moment - LOL yes, no joke, I do and have been known on more than one occasion to haul my extra TV outside so I can enjoy the fire. Hey, if you don't have a fire place inside, sometimes you have to be creative and come up with plan B. (which is always have portable flat screens so you can really show your neighbors how red neck - you can be) It works like that around here all year long and I am sure my neighbors are glad that there is 16 acres in between any of them!
So, if you guys aren't all locked in somewhere, com'on over, bring whachawant and a chair unless you pull up floor space! Standing room only - okay too, no pushing - Hope it is a great game!
We will have to see what the next post holds or what I don't... ;-) Happy Hooting Day to All.

Hey, Southern Bombshell has an awesome receipe you guys should check out for some cheese straws I might have to whip some up myself.

Here is a picture of what I will be enjoying tomorrow...yes, they have to sit over night so it is all nice and fermented with Alcohol...LOL yummie!! ( I can only have 2 they are that lethal) They have minced celery and it is made with V8 juice it is very healthy for you. Really you get your veggies and the celery is nice and crunchie for you but small enough to go through a straw.! What more could you ask from a cocktail! I used half the bottle of alcohol not the whole...see how I take care of all you guys.


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Reddirt Woman said...

Dang, Dar... I don't think I can drive from Oklahoma and get there in time for the game... and then get back to OKC in time for the Lady Sooners vs. the Lady Vols on Monday at 6:30. A friend that I meet at a lot of the home games called me yesterday and said she would buy the tickets if I would drive, so I'm committed to go to that game. Coach Pat Summit and her team are trying for her 1,000th career win. Our (OU) girls are trying to postpone that feat until another team later in the week.

I'll be there in spirit with whomever shows up. Watch for me out by the fire-pit with my feet propped up, Diet Pepsi in hand, watching the game... with occasional trips (not during commercials) to get me some chili, potato skins, etc., etc., etc.

You go girl... Rock them down tomorrow!!!


darsden said...

Well, next time Helen. Geaux Vols, yeah I know Pat she's great. I wouldn't pass up that chance either. Have a Blast!

Welcome Southern Bombshell, nice to have you come by and join my lil blog world!

Reddirt Woman said...

Dar, you make Deadly Marys with gin? Maybe that's why they're so deadly... Just sain'.

darsden said...

Yes, I do now, I use to used vodka till I met old gin here with a twist...Oh my never went back. That why they sneek up on you! They really kick the mary's up a noch big time. My sister's mother in law taught me that trick.