Monday, August 31, 2009

Geaux Me


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing Sunday

Holy Spirit come and fill this place bring us healing with your warm embrace
Show Your power make your presence known
Holy Spirit come fill this place

My heart is longing just to hear from you
My soul is waiting to know someone who
Can take us higher help us make it through
So will you please come and set us free

Breath of God we need a touch from you
shine down on us with the light of truth
Stir our hearts and set our spirit free
Holy spirit come fill this place

Our hearts are hungry for your perfect peace
Our souls are thirsty for the joy you bring
So send your glory makes your praise complete
Send down the rain, touch us once again

Holy spirit come fill this place

Holy spirit come fill this place

Nobody sings it better than CeCe Winans.. she is awesome

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Memories Still So Vivid

Memories so vivid in my mind
time will never erase
the tears that filled this place
we move on strong in faith!

The Last picture of my beloved grandmother. We lost her 4 days before hurricane Katrina. This is the last 5 generation picture. So, blessed she didn't have to witness what was about to happen again to the coast.
Only Katrina made hurricane Camille look like a lil wind storm.
The coast line 32 miles long .. 4 blocks deep, there was nothing left, Nothing left!
You can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you would like.
West and Dar, 6 weeks before the storm visiting Mimi above.
Notice the green and the harbor and boats in the back....
August 29, 2005 Katrina rolled in at 6:35 am just to the west of Bay St. Louis Ms
she last over 12 hours till 7:15 pm that evening
Picture out the back of moms looking at the mole hole when she had been blowing a couple of hours
look you can see my pool is half way still full of water
Me in front where West and I took that grass, no harbor, no streets, no houses Nothing left
Where my grandmother was
Standing in front of my grandmothers room
Sitting on the steps of the house I grew up in till age 5, My grandparents live here for over 60 years.
The neighbor that my grandfathers, father had built, totally gone you are looking 2 blocks back
On the beach front
Our front yard during the eye..the water came within 6" of coming in the parents home high on a hill
Our front yard...right after it stopped raining looking across from the house and the pond
Where I feed my deer
the back yard
What was left of my softsided pool after it got stab by the ceiling tiles from the mole hole
Really hard to even try to do justice with these few pictures. We have several thousand pictures we took. I filmed the whole time with the camera and made videos. I caught the tornado that came along the side of the house and didn't even know I got it on film till I watched the video. We lost over 350 trees, a green house, pool, tin roof to the main house (which sent my mom in orbit because I kept going out in the storm to film and the tin would turn loose and flew by me) and few other minor things. NOTHING like what others experienced. We were so blessed to have our houses still left. We had no idea what it was doing to the rest of the coast and how devasted it would be... Others didn't even have their slabs left.
It is really hard to look at these without crying ...
we buried my grandmother on Saturday, Katrina hit that Monday.
If ya'll want more pictures of the coast let me know..these are just what affected me personally.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

click on any picture to enlarge if you would like too


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Doe A Deer update

what's up over there
lil buck with his lil rabbit friend
mama doe fixin to drop anytime
young doe
he is going to be big
a different one..not so big and stating the End lol


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

a must see you can thank me later


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday

Two for Tuesday here couldn't decide whiched I liked more
Shrimp boats on the Gulf of Mexico
Rudey Dog-uhmmm mom is that thunder I hear see the pined back ears
My little lemon hanging in there
Leaf Fish she 's hugh
Monday nights sky good halloween sky eh!
Happy Tuesday

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Singing Monday

cold camera sorry came out of the tome of the mole hole

You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Like a mountain in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again
Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let lay down beside you

Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again

Yes, I said singing Monday think that is a new add of mine :-))
beautiful song by the late John Denver-Annie's Song

Enjoy singing this all day ;-)


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

U tagged ME!!!

Wellington Road tagged me for a meme

Here are the rules:
•Open your first photo folder.

•Scroll down to the 10th photo. Or, you know, just pick a photo. (lol she must know me well)

•Post that photo and story on your blog.

•Tag five (or more) friends to do the same.

Okay so I will play along, YOU guys know I have pictures, cause I am not a writer I am a picture poster. My picture is of sweet baby girl Ella. She is my great niece and I miss her and the rest of my babies so much. They use to all be just around the corner from me. Long Stories LOL.. Ella's family consist of her, 2 brothers 5 and 3 she is almost 2 and mom & dad (dad is my nephew by my sister). They live here about 10 miles from me I spent just about everyday with them. Then Katrina hit..blew everything away and dad's job. They tried to hang on but you can't without a job. So, they got a job offer in Destin, Florida, not a problem I use to live over there for almost 12 years I still have friends there and it's only 3 hours away.
Well, that lasted not quite a year then the economy collapsed along with yet another job for dad. It was terrible to hear of this yet again happening to a wonderful man. Katrina, did a job on us all around here and now he is losing yet another job. The stress he felt... I could feel... Very close family we are. So, finding another job has taking him to Virginia, which is wonderful he found a job but at the same time broke my heart, (still broken) because that is over 15 hours away. NOT do-able for dar all the time. Now her babies are going up waaaaay far away. The kids use to spend their summers with me at dardar camp. The camp has been empty this summer! Yes, these are posted pictures of camp dardar too, and the fun time we had.
Ya'll might remember my summer vacation pictures of me and the folks trekking up to Virginia. If you didn't see them.. Geaux see them now..LOL
(I miss my babies so much and NOW I am sad and crying...
thanks a lot wellington...thanks a frigging xoxo)

NO, the story is not over yet... I have more babies that were here and causality of the economy my sister's daughter and her husband..remember their wedding pictures are posted...Geaux see them too. But, they were here about 6 miles from me..then the economy..I tell you people casino's are no place to consider your self having a job..because they get rid of people left and right they got all my family members and several friends. Any way my other 2 great nieces are now living about 3 hours away in Alabama. NOT as bad but still far away. Emoree, is 4 and Sophia was just born 2 weeks ago. Yes, pictures posted and I shouldn't have to keep telling you to geaux look at them. I only have 161 post..not that hard to catch up on...there pictures ..people !

So, there you go... I have 5 great nieces and nephews that I am not around anymore. It makes me extremely sad.

My brother has 2 adult kids 18 and 21 and they live 4 hours away...I miss them too!

Yes, I know their lives have changed too...but my world collasped when the babies left !

NOW for my tags...hahahahahahaha And for those who just want to play along..Com'on

1. Pastor Sharon Rose-Dances with God

2. Amy-It goes so fast

3. Becky-Twisted Fencepost

4. Otin-Wizard of Otin

5. Libby-Twirl and Taste

I MISS MY BABIES, and I really feel guilty because I keep hoping they will all come back home.. but I just don't see that happening..guilty why you it wrong to pray for them to lose their jobs again ... yes Pastor Sharon I will see you in your chambers!


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The other Front Yard

Gulfport, Mississippi
Horn Island, Mississippi
Ocean Springs, Mississippi


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Friday, August 21, 2009



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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rains It Pours

Yes, she has my tee shirt she is laying on and a blanket... One sad puddy dog, Yes, Otin another Rudey blog...sorry dude, but she's my kid what can I say. We went to the vet again today. To have her nails done and to talk to the doc about the valiums not working. So, she did prescribe Rudey a new pill...starts with an A. So, we thought that would be it for Rudey at the vets today...snip and run kinda... well, not exactly.
As you can see Rudey is laid out on the sofa...and mind you it is thundering like all get out but she cannot move. Rudey had to have emergency minor surgery today. She had a bad cyst or turmor that the doctor wanted to remove. Well, knowing it wasn't going to get better on it's own I said go a head fix the ole' girl up. Gotta love being done right then and there...well I say that we were there from 1:00 to 3:45...about like what it takes me at the doctors!
Don't look at the next picture if you are a weakling...
They shaved her long locks of hair and she got a couple of stitches...poor puddy dog.. I think she also got some good drugs for the evening, along with a big ole bone from her mama!


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