Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Am I

Hello everybody, short and sweet today...JUST like me ;-p

she is healing

she has a contest

she mentioned me

he thinks I don't read him :-(

she is missing in action

she is always on the road

she always makes me hungry

she takes long walks around the farm

she took my babies away from me

she is a living angel

he can shake a red pen

she we miss

she is funny

she is funny with a twist

she is lovely

Okay I cannot list everybody....so click on those pretty people on the right and you will be able to go anywhere your heart desired...cuz I am over this linking crap...I mean I have to go... :-)


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Gaston Studio said...

Well now, that is an interesting post! Love your description of vodka mom!

Eskimo Bob said...

Very very clever.

I'll be having a similar post today. Not in context - but because it will be short. . . and probably not very clever.

Eskimo Bob said...

Dars -

Very very clever.

I'll be having a similar post today. Not in context - but because it will be short. . . and probably not very clever.

*Because I know you didn't read it the first time. ;)

darsden said...

Gatson Studio-so glad somebody got it...LOL

Bob-I read the first as all...but hey sometimes I might not understand what I read.. I am from Mississippi and fancy words throw me. LOL see I knew you were following me ;-)

Susan said...

You are the linkin' queen, young and sweet, only seventeen! ooh ooh! Fabulous post, my dear.

darsden said...

Gatson...Imma gonna get you for that tagged crap..I mean stuff.

Susan-thankyou for stopping in that was very kind of you to say.

Tabitha in Bliss said...

You SO know how to make me smile!!
Everything went great at the doctor today!! Yay!!

♥ Braja said...

You're gorgeous :) No no not cos you linked me first. You are ANYWAY.
xxx :)

dizzblnd said...

What a great way to give love! Now I HAVE to click on them in order to find out who they are! BRILLIANT!

lizspin said...

Hello there! First time here. . .but I've seen you around. . .

I'll be back!

Beth said...

You may be the nicest person in the world. I love when people are encouraging.

darsden said...

Tabitha- I try my best too

Braja- I told you to stop starring at your plastics in that mirror you carry ;-) You are the best miracle I can continue to share xoxo

dizzblnd-I see blue links...LOL thanks

lizspin-Welcome and thank you for joining the side bar, I do appreciate it. Com'on back anytime love to have you.

Beth- I know you see the company I keep here.. how could I not try these are my peoples :-)

Joanie M said...

Dar, I didn't know it until just now but Lisa Kelly lived in the next town from me. I think I buy my heating oil from her father (or uncle).

darsden said...

Joanie-it's a small world isn't it. She fought a hard battle. Bless her babies and husband!

Lilly said...

Now that is the best post ever. Very, very very clever!

darsden said...

Lilly, thank you, I rather enjoyed it myself!