Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Moon on the Rise

A tight beautiful red orange ring around the moon is Not a good sign. Bad weather abrewing people. Gonna get bad...3 days...this was last night so Sunday look out. Gonna be bad ... This is how it looked at 5 am this morning...hanging low above the gulf of mexico those are clouds, not a tree..pretty cool my lil digital could pick up the moon. I am a lil impressed!This weather report brought to you by dardar ;-)


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Suzy said...

Do we get the same moon as you? Now I'm scared.

darsden said...

Suzy-that made me bust out laughing out loud. I tried to send you some rain last week didn't you get a lil mist.... I don't think you have to worry about the bad weather there...but Helen, Becky and me do for sure!
Hope you are feeling better, Happy Good Friday and Easter to you my friend :-)

Reddirt Woman said...

Your red orange around the moon was probably reflections of Oklahoma burning. Horrible winds, but hopefully, the rain will come Saturday and help out the firefighters, volunteer and professional, the home owners who tried to protect their homes and those of their neighbors.

I hope to God you and Becky and all those who normally get our weather don't get the fires that came with it.

I hope your Easter weekend is nothing but wonderful. I'm in Ft. Worth with my family.


Pearl said...

dardar, you wise woman you!

There's a lot of weather out there lately. Keep your eye open, baby -- seems Mother Nature has something to say!


darsden said...

Helen - you in my prayers the fires are getting worse. I pray they don't reach your place... ten miles isn't that far my dear..

Pearl-yes mother nature is pissed off about something! I always have to give my two cents about what I think.. just sitting here swinging my legs ;-)
It was that song that got you here wasn't it... been singing it all day myself..

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Dardar!! Too cute!
Our weather man said Sunday is going to be a bumpy ride here in Texas..OMG!! You are displaying the button for "Project Uplift!"

Thank You!!!!!

darsden said...

Tabitha-thank you, hope you have a very special one too. Yes, I did :-) your welcome

Michel said...

Now that you have brought it up, I realize that I have NEVER SEEN the moon here in Sudan. WTF!? Maybe there isn't one! Lord knows it NEVER rains here - literally, they get one day per year, if that...

So enjoy your storm and I hope it doesn't ruin easter!!!

darsden said...

Michel-Oh my.. a missing moon and no rain, it must get terribly hot there. I would die..but give me a couple of months I will be complaing about the hurricanes popping around. I hope it at least waits till the evening so we can go to the sunrise service.