Friday, April 3, 2009

Storms & Beauty

Yesterday was another extremely exciting day around the ponderosa. We were expecting storms which has for some reason become the norm every two days. People it was extreme yesterday again. This picture is a lil late for our viewing area. The storm was moving at 60 mph. So, by the time I thought to take a picture of the TV it was 10 miles away. However I did catch... the skies turning green and very dark
the dark swirl is a tornado forming...I called the parents and told them to get in the hall
Hell NO, that doesn't apply to me...gotta get the picture...see the hail...see the tail
Oh, Chit...better run toto (rudey dog)...oh, and run dardar run. I didn't run again I would love to be a tornado chaser. This did not come all the way down thank goodness because I don't think I would be writing today if it did. However it did top 2 of our Oak trees across the pond. So, we have 2 hugh sections to go pick up. (I will use the wild thing and take care of them)
it turned wicked
blew everything over
rain so hard it flooded the yard in less than 2 minutes it lasted about 20 minutes
but then it started clearing and my babies were hungry
They were some pretty Gold Finches
This lil guy sat and ate the peanut butter fruit oatmeal for at least 10 minutes
This guy was all yellow except for the top of his head. He looked like a canery

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Suzy said...

Dar, please send us some rain. We're DYING out here in L.A.

darsden said...

Suzy-I am going to do my rain dance on mapquest just for you!

Anonymous said...

I would have pee pee'd in my pants!!!
I SO LOVE watching the storm chasers, but I don't want to see that up close and personal!

PS..I love you to pieces!!!!

darsden said...

Tabitha-I get over excited sometimes and forget the safety factor. My brother and I still talk about doing that one day. He was so mad I got to play in Katrina and he didn't.(he was in Vicksburg, Ms) I got some awesome video around here. (of course we had no idea how bad Katrina was treating everybody-other wise I think I would have stayed in-cuz you especially and I really know how bad it was HUH!!!) You are my inspiration Tabitha love you bunches too! Big (((hugs)))

Reddirt Woman said...

You sound like us Okies... When we hear 'tornado warning' we go outside to look and see if we can get photos. Some special kind of crazy I guess. I, too, love the storm watchers. Everyone in my house thinks I'm crazy when I say something about wishing I could have been a storm chaser. Looks like you had a toad strangler for sure.

And I love the birds... but you know that!


♥ Braja said...

Darlene honey, so nice to be back online and catch up with my top specials :) I love a storm...I'd love to lie in the rain right now and considering my condition and the medication, most would possibly consider it acceptable behavior....bring it on :)
love to you
B xx

darsden said...

Helen-I don't mind the storms, can't say I am a fan of the lightening...been hit 3 came out of the tv at me...scary

Braja-Oh MY how wonderful to see you here. I think the fresh rain would help you to heal some. Glad to see you are feeling better enough to visit us on line...don't over do it okay. Big (((hugs)))

Twisted Fencepost said...

Too close for comfort, I say.
Everytime they start calling for tornadoes here, I am outside looking. I have never seen one, nor do I want to. But I want to know when it's coming. Those things scare me to death.

darsden said...

Becky-it was a little closer than I was anticipating, but I tell you when one is forming it is really hard to turn away. I watch one at my other looked like the michelen man coming rings I watch 5 rings...before I said run Rudey run. It too came down and snapped the biggest tree down in my yard, then it bounced right back up. That's when I decided to keep a camera handy during all bad weather.