Monday, April 20, 2009

Flowers around the ponderosa

A pine sapling starting out... The Lilly from Brooke's wedding

black berries...yummie
yes, I ate them after I took the picture ;-)
really cool flowers...don't know the name

this is the plant to the above flowers
moms roses they smell Divine...all the way across the driveway you can smell them
close up of rose

blueberries getting ready my favorites

mushroom looks like pie with a piece missing
there is a bee just underneath
just wild flowers but pretty to me

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Anonymous said...

These made me smile brightly Dar!

dizzblnd said...

beautiful pics!

Joanie M said...


Twisted Fencepost said...

Your blackberries are already ripe???? Mine are just starting out. AND blueberries, too???? I'm so jealous!!
I think that flower is called a bottle brush flower. Daisies, too?! And mushroom pie? I'm coming down there!!! tee hee

Eskimo Bob said...

Spring time - the ringy dingy ding time. Birds sing . . . hey ding.

I was hoping to see a pic of the bee -

darsden said...

Tabitha-thank you
dizzblnd-thank you
Joanie-thank you
Twisted - yes they are I am eating them as fast as I can...don't be yours aren't too far behind :-)bottle brush, thankyou

EB-cute dingy- the 16th picture or 2nd from bottom, there is a bee..blow up the picture you can really see him :-)

Beth said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love spring!

Reddirt Woman said...

Don't 'cha just love spring. Great photos.


Susan said...

I'm jonesing for blackberries now. Stop bogarting the fruit, Darsden! Why am I talking all hippie like?

darsden said...

Beth- Thank you good to see you again.

Helen-real good to see you again, thankyou

Susan-wonderful to have you are probably talking like that because you are at a tree loving hippie site :-)

It's all good. Com'on over I will be happy to share all my fruit!

darsden said...

Susan hear that it should be Here...LOL