Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missing My Babies

Well today I am going to introduce my babies I refer to all the time. A few of you have inquired about them and were wondering when I would be writing about them. TODAY is that day Yay! But it will have to be broken down per family "babies" I have already done several post about one baby family re: my sister's daughter brooke x4 the wedding! It has been hard on me with my babies moving away. They were a major part of my existence...we were always together. Jennifer would call and we would plan our week out. Where we were going to take the kids. Where we were going shopping....So I needed a lot of time before I could sit down and share without falling to pieces..(it hasn't helped)! Think I am almost ready.

So, here is the next group "The bourland zoo"

My sister's son Richard,( aka my first born-ssssh)

his lovely wife Jennifer, his babee' momma, (aka my babe' mama too-ssssh)

I now refer to them as the ones that stole my babies from me >;-(

(if you see this couple call 1-800 - call- dar) OMG RicHaRD! did she just call me her babee mama...Oh, yes, I did my biotch (heartU)

richard-yes honey she did (that's my sweet boy..I mean my sister did a great job)

(you two turds took my babies from me--did I say that out loud) Ella - realizing she doesn't get to go to dardar camp....(ella (not 1 yet) being my 3rd lil one)

It will all make more sense later...not quite in order...

Last summer I was blessed to have worked in 3 dardar camps with my boys. First time for a week, second time for 1.2 weeks and third time almost 2 weeks...spoiled and Real Mama was getting a lil worried if I would bring them back at all...(seriously I wasn't changing banks really)

Ella being to young and still literally attached to "real" mama... didn't get to come.Me arriving in Destin, Fl to pick up my boys (ssssh) they had just heard me walk in and they were down for their nap...they all couldn't scramble fast enough to their dardar..look you can see Travis rooting his way under my arm...rotflmao...pordon the skivvies..they just woke up. (but I must say...most of the time that how you find most kids esp in the south...outside. It is just really hard to keep clothes on...anybody in our family...we all hate clothes!)

happy happy joy joy
riding back to Mississippi with dardar and the grandparents in the motor home-Priceless

Travis (not yet 3) & Rudey dog deep in discussion about all the fun that is ahead.

West (4)

going to their first movie with me and my buddy derfina going to Wally E

Coming to dardar camp...I have their parents (the real ones) sign waivers for medical attention if needed...Ya never know...esp with me. (fyi nurse & doctor in the family in ms)

I taught them a new way to go on a water slide - mama actually called me when she saw this one get posted on my space...LOL They had so much fun. NO FEAR DUDE!!!

The boys didn't care for the ants in the yard...they are more adapted to concrete and preferred I re-make the tent I had just built in the yard...under where the "fan" was and where there were No bugs..LOL they don't do bugs! (yep boys)

Playing continues the entire time at camp dardar's

I emptied the pool so they could enjoy it and have a blast while if filled back up... they were really able to body surf...jump off the ladder body surf...I mean safety first..waving waiver!
See, just sweet calm lil boys...LOL

the more dangerous..oh I mean having more brotherly fun

dardar,dardar,dardar...ummmm lil travis (t-bone) Back When they Live in Ms about 12 miles from me. They started pre-pre-school...West guiding his lil brother Travis to his first day....Man this will make me start crying in a heartbeat...12 miles away..then 3 hours away to Destin, Florida...Now they are in West Virginia 17 hours away! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Bella Halloween in Destin

dardar & Travis at the Gulfarium in Panama City

West when he was 3 with his circle hair as he called it.. my lil pumpkin' as I called him. His hair was like this from the time it came in. Till he started getting it cut, he loves it short...but always refers to remember when I had circle hair :-) Priceless!!
Me and my circle hair lil boy at 2
(I think this was the last time I could get down that low...LOL)

My most favorite picture, This is January after hurricane Katrina, we all went Bourlandzoo and dardar..(yes I was an immediately family member back then!) went to Destin for vacation...

to defunk our brains about the devastation at home! (we took a lot of family pictures)

West and I were in deep conversation I didn't even know they took this picture :-) Way too many of my favorites to post in one posting so, I will do it in sections. There will be more of the other lil ones...but for right now...these are the moments I am missing bad and will really be missing this summer. Being so far away there won't be anymore dardar camps. I knew then just how bless I was to have been able to do all we could do...all together, while we could and boy we all really did take advantage of the time... Priceless

A lot can happen fast people...this all transpired in less than a year...the co-lapse of what lil was left from were lost, families displaced...From long beach, ms (12 miles away) to in May of 2008 going to Destin, Fl, 3 hours away and still knowing I was blessed could still have the camps ...but then economy again...lost jobs,

My babies are Now - in New Kent, Virgina (as of Feb. 2009,) 17 hours away...

but so very, very blessed they have a job :-)
Took a while to mention this...because I am so very very Very Sad...but so blessed!

my lil family intro


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Anonymous said...

Awww dar!! They are beautiful!!
umm is it possible that we may be related, because I HATE CLOTHES as well. :)

My two nieces undress in the van while my sister is driving! She hates it, but I LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sending your necklace and candle this Saturday!!!

Joanie M said...

I think I might be more confused than ever! Did you give birth to Richard and your sister adopted him?

Great pictures!!

darsden said...

Tabitha- thank you I think so too...Yippie for me winning, I am so excited :-) thank you.

Joanie-LOL I can see why it would be confusing. Joy my sister gave actual birth to Richard.(and brooke the one from the wedding pics is her daughter by actual birth)..but, I always tease her...he was more mine than hers because I kept him all the time till he was 3. (and they moved away) He also has lived with me a couple of mine by direct association. Then when he and Jen married and had kids.. I was there always...(till they frigging moved away) again MINE, MINE MINE and Mine!

Twisted Fencepost said... are such a sweetie! And so are they!
I'm sure they miss you too.

Daffodil Campbell said...

Beautiful ! My momma had a hard time when we moved from New England to Hawaii, taking our baby with us. But now, 8 years later, we have good steady jobs, insurance, a home......and I think the relief of that makes the pain easier for all of us to bear. That, and I drag everyone back to the mainland as often as I can - even if we just meet half-way, somewhere on the West Coast.....You guys should figure out a middle point for meetings, and start a tradition there !!!! Relocate Camp DarDar !

Michel said...

Dude! OMG those are some cute kids! And I don't even LIKE kids. (just kidding! Ha)

darsden said...

TF-don't make me blush...thankyou, they tell me on the phone dardar you live far far far away...cracks me up!

Daffodil-Welcome nice to see you. That is a great idea...Gatlinburg, Tn is about half way ;-)

Michel-*watching U closely* thankyou they are!

Eskimo Bob said...

It's funny how fast and slow time goes? Those are precious pictures - thanks for sharing some memories.

Susan said...

Your babees are beautiful and I'm so sorry they're so far away.

Now down to business. Is Rudey the Dog stuffed?

darsden said...

EB-it does slowlyfly by, thank you for visiting

Susan-rotflmao..too funny that is the first time anybody has asked that of Rudey dog...LOL she is stuffed...with lots of love, jerky treats ,t-bones snacks,kibbles and bits oooh my...she just loves them babies...she will talk to the kids..she speaks their language

gmcountrymama said...

I love your babies, especially the little ones!
Here via Suzy and many others.

darsden said...

gmcountrymama-Welcome com'on in...I appreciate you joining the side bar over there! I have seen you around blog land before..I will heading your way shortly. Thank you I miss those lil big time.

blognut said...

Gorgeous kids! I can see why you miss them.

darsden said...

blognut-thankyou kindly...they filled a lot of my time :-) good times

Lilly said...

Dar beautiful pics. It was good to see lots of ones of you too and you are gorgeous! How lucky you are to have each other. Can you Skype them to get to have conversations with them and see them on video? I dont blame you for missing your babies because they are adorable!! And I have two that I am a second Mom to as well. A girl Anne-Marie from Scotland and a boy Ian that comes from the middle east that my daughter picked up at a bus stop (he was homeless) and bought him home to live with us (true!!). Thanks for the pics and I look forward to seeing more. Your family is very photogenic. So glad that they are in a job and settled, even though so far away.

darsden said...

Lilly - thank you, you are so sweet! When they stayed here I had a web cam so "real" mama could watch when they were inside and make sure they weren't tied up (lol) but it has since broken, so I need to replace it. It is on my to do list :-) So, yes, when I had one for the time they were in Destin...even here in Ms we use it...they new "real" mama was watching them when they stay...they could always talk to her. (I hope ya'll don't get too bored with the pictures I have a few hundred more ;-))

darsden said...

Lilly-shoot I meant to say that was wonderful to take in the homeless lil boy that IS something I would expect of you :-) you wonderful soul comes across in eveything you write. Sounds like you rubbed right off on your daughter too Kudos to you both!

Vodka Mom said...

those are just amazing. Time is flying by- I know it all too well.

dizzblnd said...

I SWEAR I commented on this when I was at work yesterday.. sigh

Beautiful kids. The NERVE of them moving away from you. It will make it even more special when you get to see them again

darsden said...

VM- thankyou and it does fly by. You know those lil boogers all to well I am sure!

dizzblnd- you can always do re-takes here :-) I know I tell them all the time they are the reason I now need xanex! Not the kids...the adults drive me crazy! thankyou :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am trying to leave a comment again. Yeah, it's me the babies mama. My babies, I am keeping my eye on you and will check your suitcases prior to you heading home to make sure none of my children are packed inside. LOL. I love looking at these pics. God, they grow up fast. So, booked your flight yet?

darsden said...

Baby Mama Anonymous...LOL you keep your eyes on me...Who said I would be leaving anyway. I am buying a one way ticket missy... they can't come to dar dar camp...then camp dar dar is coming to them! ;-)

darsden said...

Baby Mama... just got your info on air flights.. what IS this crap staying for 1 week. You better put that cracklin down.. Uhmm I don't fly and you think if I flew I would be only staying one week... I stayed longer in a thunderstorm at your old house.. WTF Over!! one week with my have been up north way too long!

Anonymous said...

You can move in for all I care. You know you want to. I keep playing the lotto so I can buy you a Dar Dar house for all my babies. It is up to 155 million. You think that will sufice? Ok so you know you can stay as long as you want. Just have Mom Kay bring Rudey up in the motorhome. Plus, my babies will probably be fighting me to get to go home with you.

darsden said...

babee mama ... you wouldn't have to worry about me taking are going to have to be the one that peels them off crying...LOL you travis is like velco...
then ella moo-ves him out the way..
good times. Wish I could see big boys game :-)