Saturday, April 4, 2009

Redneck Time

Hello everybody, going to post some funnies today. My friend Robin, out in San Diago sent these to me just a lil while ago and thought...hey that would make a great post. Me being a southern girl like I am...I take NO, offensive in what she is trying to tell me *smirk* cause people the truth is the truth and this is how the South rolls sometimes!!!
Redneck Harley
Redneck John Deer
Redneck bass boat - this cracks me up -see what happen wuz
Redneck grill-mad I didn't think of this one, I always wondered why people would steal them
Redneck Gingerbead House - Priceless and sooo true
Redneck Dog House -one of the better dog houses around these parts
Redneck Palm Pilot- rotflmfao- where ya at Pearl
Redneck Pet Carrier
Redneck Pick Up...LOL Hey I've done that ...with a Honda Civic
Redneck power ball winner
Redneck above on vacation
I think this one is my favorite-u can blow the picture up if you need too
This is hilarious
Well, I also had a very exciting morning. I actually got to speak to Braja today. It was wonderful to talk to her and hear how great she and Jahnu are doing. All the love and prayers everybody sent has surely worked. What a blessing to be able to reach out and talk to her. Fantastic.. Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the above jokes.
extra tidbit-sure hope derfina remembers to let me know when to pick her up at the airport!

Geaux Get Your Read On!


Pearl said...

Very nice. :-) Having grown up in the North -- but in a trailer park! -- I can vouch for most of these photos -- and for the idea that you don't have to "dress up" for the Dollar Store like you do when you go to WalMart.
p.s. The chocolate covered cherries and the pecan whatsits are really REALLY good!! I'll be on the couch for a bit now, eating your delightful gift. You are so cool, Dar. I hope you have a great weekend!
p.p.s. Will be sending your Tupperware back with something... Something that will ship well. Hmmm. (That is the sound of me thinking: Hmmm.)

Eskimo Bob said...

Well you can thank Pearl's blogspot for having me stop on by. I've enjoyed your comments as they teeter on the border of close-friendship and stalker in need of restraining order.

Your spot is great - I love the commentary and the pictures. It works very well. Kudos.


darsden said...

Pearl-that is your get well cherries ;-) Love the name you came up with for the whatsits lol, that works fine for me...that is what do I do with the melted chocolate ...oh just dump more pecans in that will work.

Eskimo Bob-Welcome so happy to see you. I know poor Pearl probably keeps expecting me to pop up on the corner of 17th...(ya know how she talks about that poor fella)Thank you kindly for stopping by. com'on back anytime. (might want to keep an eye on me for pearly)

Train Wreck said...

Oh those are funny! Probably real in some cases. he he

Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel so comforted when I check my blog. Who knew when I startd this blog, I would meet so many wonderful friends. Theis is way better than the grocery store, and I don't even have to get "dressed up" haha ((hugs)) my friend.

darsden said...

Eskimo Bob-thankyou for signing up for the side show...YOU know this could lead to stalking on my part ;-)

Train Wreck-between me and you...yes, that does happen for real around here. You are too kind with your sweet words. I know it is still a very difficult time. I have been there so I do know and it is always so much worse when kids are involved. They just have a hard time understanding. Your in our prayers along with the family. Take Care we are all here for you. Big (((hugs to all)))

Simplicity said...

Naturally, after your comment on Braja's post, I had to rush over here to read your blog! Yay! Glad I did! See you again soon...

darsden said...

Simplicity-Welcome so happy you did jump on over. Even more thrilled you signed up! LOL, I couldn't refuse my lil comeback line..I would have been first if I hadn't of deleted the first comment some how...IT's All Good! I was just stalking I mean looking at your site too. I really enjoyed what I have read so far, very talented just like all the major players in blogland! See ya around soon :-)

Fencepost said...

Hey! I've got one of those redneck doghouses!
The ultimate recycle!
Don't judge me.

darsden said...

Becky-OH my I would never judged...who am I... That dog house rules if you ask me! (I see a lot of chained dogs here in bright sunshine and my blood just boils-poor babies so any type of shading for them to me is just fine..and off the chain-put up a fence) Have a great Sunday :-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Dar, I meant that "don't judge me" thing to be funny. Guess I should have put tee hee after it, huh? My laundry room has a dog door that leads out into a fenced in dog yard. They have the camper top in the yard, just in case. But they're real dog house is my laundry room.

darsden said...

Becky-my dear that is exactly how I took it as a haha, (I am sorry if I sounded rude) but I wanted you to know ... that is my back yard and it's no big deal. You got some lucky dogs. That camper shell is an awesome idea if you ask me a lot of room and keeps the dry. I wish I had a doggie door for Rudey dog, but I only have 1 door and it is a storefront door so it is all glass. (pop is in the glass business so that's why my mole hole is all storefront glass fronts and doors)oh and we don't have fences, so I just hang outside with rudey :-)