Sunday, April 5, 2009

Devoted Saint

Hello, it's time to post one of my obsessions. I am a devoted New Orleans Saints Girl! Thought I would show a little bit of my collection I have. This first picture is my main man Drew Brees, our quarterback, WOW what he has done for our Saints, and for the city of New Orleans. He embraced all that New Orleans is and can be seen all around town. Can't wait for him to take us all the way to the Super bowl...Oh, Yes, We Will be there....oneday :-) I believe, I believe!!! Yes that is his helmet by his feet, I prefer it off, so do the little kids for some reason. What is very funny, he has been hanging out in the hall for almost a year now but when my sister comes over and heads to the restroom she still screams every time..too funny.
Is he not I am still working on getting his birth mark right ;-0
That clock is solid wood and very heavy
many things thrown up in here life time collection
my lil gnome (gave one to derfina for Christmas she collects all gnomes this one being x special)
leather old school is that
my mother has the ornament collection started for me
the hanging sign lites up and I just love my orange county chopper
derfina gave my go long doggie.... I saw it in a hallmark store and went crazy over it and she wouldn't let me buy it, and for the life of me I don't know how she talked me out of not buying it I usually don't listen to anybody trying to tell me what NOT to's like one of kinda ya know but the next time I saw her she had a happy for me...I almost sweet was that?
just a lil board I made
My Man looks Jr. High player compared to the real dudes.
This is by far the best picture...what sorry individual Vick turned out to be. Jail was too good for him. He should have been made to act like he made those poor dogs act. He should be chained!
I have so much more other Saints stuff (I've made you suffer enough)but I am thinking you guys get how insane I am about now...if you don't stick around will finally figure it out.
She will also help you figure it out.
Hey you guys know Braja is doing wonderful along with her husband Jahnu, there is a wonderful post from him if you haven't checked it out yet, whacha waiting for...get on up out here and do it.


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Vodka Mom said...

Next time I go to a yard sale and see some Saint stuff- I am snagging it for YOU!!!

darsden said...

Vodka Mom- Welcome it is such an honor to have you here again. (probably not my best post so ya gotta come back) Some of my Saint stuff is rare I am thinking about putting it on Ebay so I can get some $$$$$ to go to India :-) Have a great Sunday!

Reddirt Woman said...

You don't have to be one to be a devoted fan of them, do you?

darsden said...

Helen-LOL that is great YOU were able to Read between the words. LOve IT and NO you don't...Lords know I'm not yes!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Hi Dar!!

Seeing your Saints items makes me homesick. :)
I will have to post some of my New Orleans items soon. Have you ever had Miss Lorraine's pecan candy? Oh, how I miss it!!

Big Hugs & Thank you for all the comments!!
They make me smile soooo much!!

darsden said...

Tabitha-No, I haven't had her pecan candy but I will next time I go to New Orleans. Should be heading there in the next month. I am going with derfina to the aquarium I have never been. We tried to go once already but they were closed on Mondays so we settled for shopping and eating...the latter being my favorite part and thank you for your sweet words :-)

Beth said...

Are you a Saints fan? Just wondering.

Thanks for your encouragement! Our flood is really small potatoes compared to Katrina. By the way, I was born in Biloxi. The house we lived in got blown away.

Thanks for the visit! I like your blog! I'll be back.

darsden said...

Beth-Welcome my former fellow Biloxian thank you for joining the side bar.. yes, I am probably diagnosable at this point. But, would you believe I have never been to a Saints game and ya know I am only an hour away. Go figure!

Libby Murphy said...

What an amazing collection! I happened to be in Nola oneday about six years ago when the Saints were playing and got invited to the game and dinner afterwards with some die hard supporters. It was a fun memory, who knows you could have even been there too!
Happy Twirls

Hit 40 said...

OMG!! I can barely stop laughing to type! I can not believe that you have a full size dummy in your house (and not a hubby). A student once told me of a neighbor who keeps stuffed squirrels and other animals. I also like to see this or do I?

darsden said...

Libby-thankyou it has been taking place for a long time. No, I actually haven't met any of them or been to any games, go figure. I am not that far from New Orleans appx an hour!

HIT 40- Welcome to the Saints YEP that's about the only husband I would allow, he can't talk back and I can dress him like I want too...LOL thinking jams and flip flops for the summer. Com'on back around anytime.