Thursday, April 2, 2009

things to make you go hummmmm

Okay here are three pictures taking by my moultrie deer camera. It is set up to take 3 pictures in a row, at high quality, then not again for 5 minutes. It has to be triggered by some type of motion it has a range of around 100 feet so they say and at a 45 degree either side. I do catch some cool pictures of the deer, coyote's, ducks, raccoons, even stalkers I mean strangers and whole bunches of other creatures and people. But, I would like the input of explanations of picture number two. I scatch my head and yesterday's post is right up there too! Remember to blow this one up biggerthings that make you go huh ...wha ....?

Geaux Get Your Read On!


Tabitha in Bliss said...

What the?
Well, our state is known for things that go bump in the night. :)

Pearl said...

Rain? Dust particles? Spirits manifesting?!!!!
If a ghost comes tonight, dar, try to get a picture of it!!!
(I'm not really making fun of you. I've had a couple of weird things happen in my life and realize that there's more to things than meets the eye!)

darsden said...

Tabitha-I didn't know that about Texas, learn something new every day.

Pearl-it's hard to catch ghost too, they are like fish they don't "stay" very well. (I heard you snickering at me..oh yes I did) but I thought I would share anyway. I will keep looking for the ghost. I hope you checked out the previous post of skeletors...they are really there!

Fencepost said...

Looks like Tinker Bell and her friends were passing through.

darsden said...

Fencepost-yes I have seen Tink around here and a few others. Love when every body comes by. I appreciate you stopping by too. Becky you trying to sneak in on me...LOL wheres the twisted...and you changed your page LOL Com'on back any time under any name :-) Did you get the bad weather? It is absolutely beautiful today.