Friday, April 24, 2009

Missing Babies Part II

Here is Emoree, (3) you remember her more recent because of the wedding pictures. Right before the wedding few people new that both Brook and Frank had become casualties of the economy crashing too. (damn casino got 3 of my family members) Just like my nephew Richard was and is now in Virginia, Re: yesterdays whinny post. Well, after the wedding, Brooke, Frank and Emoree, moved away to Alabama. Not real far but still 3 hours away again, from yet another baby of mine! dammit! But, the good news is they have employment and a new baby on the way..yay...happy happy joy joy and the other great is that Miss Emoree is coming to town for the weekend. Yay, so at least one baby coming my way. So, if I go missing ...ya know why :-)
Hopefully won't be too much longer before I see the other kids! Emoree spent the last night with me...this is me taking her back to Grammie's to leave for Al. We had just finished rocking out to beyonce'...then she got really quiet... :-(
Future Saints Fan...LOL
work it girl-strike a pose
No, they didn't have to ride bikes to Alabama...LOL not that bad!! Playing at the farewell party.
beautiful day
playing with dardar, hot & cold trying to find her too cute
last summer at dardar weekend camp
one of my favorites from Easter last how big she has gotten...!

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dizzblnd said...

How cute she is!!

Gaston Studio said...

She is adorable! And Alabama isn't all that far away.

gmcountrymama said...

She is soo beautiful. Too bad they had to move away, but I guess employment is important!

Eskimo Bob said...

Rocking out to Beyonce' then she got quiet.

Kids are fantastic and it's fun to get an insight into what they're thinking. Hope she gets to play with Dardar again real soon.

Michel said...

She might even be cuter than the others. I assume you rank them, right??

darsden said...

Gaston Studio
Eskimo Bob.... thank you all for your comments about how beautiful Emoree is ... nice for ya'll to stop by..

Michel-girl that hotspongyasschicken has gone to your brain! I love all my babies the same! LOL

Fragrant Liar said...

What an adorable itty bitty person.

darsden said...

Fragrant Liar-Welcome com'on in.. Thank you (she's growing fast) I have seen you around blogland :-) nice to have you join us on the side bar over there. I really appreciate it. Now I will be off to visit you. Com'on back anytime...sit a while and visit.

Twisted Fencepost said...

She's a cutie!
Gets it from her Aunt Dardar, I'll bet!

darsden said...

Becky- Thankyou is a cutiepootootie..but maybe her jokes or humor from me...but looks all to my sister and niece the prettydee people..LOL