Saturday, April 18, 2009

WeeKend'd Out Already!

This is around my mother's old green house which is now mine, I mean hers "work" shed. I keep all my deer food and bird food in here ;-) I use two galvinised garbage cans (of course they were brand new...HUH and yes I use the 55 gallon trashs bags...only the best for my babies...Oh, yeah moms work shed... it is also where I keep all my will see in the begining here I would be using a lot sumpin and a lil later on down the page...what...she has room...hummmm....then there is my pool stuff...chit...oh, my really nice 4 wheeler...wagon...humm.. I'mma thinking...hang on, I know there is sumpin of hers in there...*pondering* I think there are gloves, I don't use them, so they can't be mine...and maybe some rose chemicals .. I don't use that lil bottle there...
Oh, Well, any way. The folks went camping for a couple of days...(okay motorhoming up the road-yea)! So, why they are gone I usually like to work on a project without being hounded to death on what not to do, cut, watch out you'll hurt your self.. or fall (word!)(been there done that all the time) So, I fixed up my...I mean my moms greenhouse around the outside...dang that was a very long intro to look at what I have been doing outside... find myself a lil long winded...
Hey EB wuz up...;-) so hope ya'll enjoy... this was done on Friday.. I like to start and finish if a project if possible in one day each. Yeah, me... I did... x 2 I always start and get all the hard work done before I realize! So, I had to remove all the grass and put down the plastic to keep the weeds out. I just cut along the rose bushes already growing there...which is why the project started in the first place...
they were crying for help

I added a few mexican heathers in the center.

They won't take any time to grow.
There are three more lil rose bushes you can hardly make out in there.
Plus I added a couple of potted plants to that were hanging out.
(okay the white bricks are to help the weedeater man not eat the hoses.. dud yes,
the old man that helps out around here will still need flags and cones put out )

one of pops old pumps...see how long before he knows it's not hiding in the woods anymore I thought it would just look fabulous here by my work shed...I mean my mama's!!!
So, after doing that...Saturday's project started... Oh Yeah Babe'
Let's Get It On
There was a mascare at the back forty today >;-)
dar loves to play with her wild thing...LOL dar also thinks it is just wrong to lite up all these beautiful trees with out really enjoying them. Nature brought the trees down in the first place. Pop, knows I would go insane if he just chopped them down. These are the product of the tornado that popped through here a week or so ago and then a couple of the are what Katrina got and pop just got around to pull them to the back!. Again...just can't NOT honor them. Insert dar!
To show her love on said beautiful majestic trees that could have been..dammit hurts my heart!
giving me the shakes...stacking up....anticipating the honor fire(s) I will enjoy :-)
insert parents came home I was hauling wood in my wagon...they haven't noticed any work yet and they watched me work till after sun kid you not...I would take a break they would come out a swing with me...never asked why I had tree all over me... ;-) sometimes ya just got to roll with it... (insert I am melting in this chair)
not really sure what is living in here...but I won't block it out
seriously wonder who lives in here
Oh my look at that lovely wood...seriously want to make me happy bring me a downed tree! Doesn't take much to make me happy in fact... just nature..
still shaking... oh my isn't that lovely there are 2 special ones on top :-)
a special one for all of you
you all for stopping by
(how kool is that!)
hope ya'll made it all the way to the
all that to say I worked my Ass off big time!
I am dead!


Geaux Get Your Read On!


♥ Braja said...

Thank God for slow weekends in blogland, cos then I get to be first commenter YAY!!!


Michel said...

You chop wood!? My GOD! All these years I thought that was a boy job! Look at how educational your blog is!! (Not that I am ever going to do it, mind you, just now I know.) :)

Lilly said...

Oh my, way to go Dar. Love the heart shaped log, how cool is that! Your mother is in for a surprise. I love the outdoors too!!

Gaston Studio said...

I LOVE that you found a heart shaped tree! And I love how you cleaned up around your mom's shed and put the pump on display. You really did work your ass off girl, good on you!

Gaston Studio said...

Watch out for what might be living in that hold, snakes love old wood you know!

darsden said...

Braja-in my eyes you are always first ;-) (actually you usually are because they go right to my home email eh :-))

Michel-4 Real, don't cha know a woman can do anything...better..chit my trees are heart shape for pete's sake...LOL

Lilly-Yes, I think she will be, but it is so funny how many times you can walk by some place and not notice a change... she has walked by it at least 4 times now...I just keep smiling and giggling to myself. She is going to have a fit when she finally realizes.

Gatson Studio-I am moving pretty slow this morning,but it's all good. Yes, the ole pump needed a better place than just hanging out in the outer layers of the woods. That is my fear that is a snake hole..but I won't bother's nature. (I have also seen a large toad..well come to think of it I haven't seen him in a week...hummm) Chit!!

Eskimo Bob said...

Dude - that was some serious weekend action going on right there I tell you what.

LW - fantastic.

darsden said...

EB-I hope you go the LW..with all respect :-) Not sure if anybody else would get it and that makes me laugh that you did Excellent!

Yes, I have places hurting I didn't know they could hurt! But both completed projects :-)