Monday, March 9, 2009

Prep Me Babe'

Good Morning, What a wonderful day we had yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful. However I am extremely dead and I have soooo much cleaning up the 16 acres left yet to do. So, to start how about I start with just the preps I did for the day. ..hell like you have a choice ;-)

Well I was in charge of the punch. But you know I am not going to do just any ole punch. My punch is going to punch you back...but, only if you want it too. I always keep my homies in geriatric friends, so if you want a punch have to give it a punch first. Oh, yes, that would be my pimp glass right there...fix'in to go for a test run.
Can you smell all 10 dozen cookies cooking? I had oatmeal raisin pecan, oatmeal pecan and oatmeal almond. I have about 8 cookies left if anybody would like one.
Here is the making of my "special request" chicken salad. I made about, well that is a Cuisinart 30 quart stock pot. It was about a quarter from the top. Uhmmm got about enough for 2 or 3 sammichces (sandwiches) left ... any takers.
Starting of the collection of said above cookies and piling up the breads to get ready to sling!
Yes, we have been here before huh!. Well, you gotta go through it one more time. Hell, I did! Getting the cold cherries a lil drained and started chopping my pecans.
Started melting my chocolate
and white chocolate
Pimp glass..rolling with Water..HaHa to much to do to start knocking them back now. I just really wanted you all to see how pretty my purple pimp glass was. My buddy and family member Jennifer got that for me. Said it was jus soooo me. She was right and very sweet for getting that for me and I use it every special occasion...or daily which ever comes first. This is the starting of the assembly line. I made approximately 250 cherries. I don't see any of those boogers hanging around. I see a lot of stems... I see a lot of stems with knots in them....but that is a whole nother story.
Proof there is the water bottle and un-melted chocolate in the bowl.
Starting to place them on the serving trays.
That's all I got right now...except for this lil Omaha girl crashed out in my bed...Hey she couldn't drive...she punched herself out. LOL... somebody had to take care of the bride's maid. The damn bride went off and left her. Fear not she was safe, I raise this lil girl along with my niece. The spring breakers from hell when they came to visit me for spring break in Florida
I will be posting the really beautiful pictures of the beautiful people in the next few days.


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Reddirt Woman said...

OMG!!!! What a spread. I was surprised we even got this much out of you today. I figured you'd been rode hard and put up too wet to even wiggle, much less have enough brain cells to put up such a feast-ive post.

Thanks for making me hungry...


darsden said...

Helen, that was hard to push out and try to play 3 day catchup with everybodies blogs. I was incharge of the above...but there was so much food. We had about 6 chefs going it was fabulous. I will post the entire spread when the pictures are developed...I know...develope that is almost antique. Mine were all digital thats why you got wha cha got :-)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Hope you got some rest. Now comes the hard part. Cleaning up!
Getting ready is the fun part. Cleaning up is always dreaded. For me, anyway.

darsden said...

Hey Becky, yes I am MIA right now doing that.. Yuck!

Lilly said...

That looks amazing Dar. I am in love with those chocolate covered cherries - they look so spectaculor. And I can see why there were none left. You are a great cook by the looks of things. How about some recipes? And your purple glass is so pretty too - use it every day and enjoy. Hope you manage to get some rest!

darsden said...

Lilly-thank you. The cherries were a hit. I have to say they aren't that hard to make. It just took a while to make so many. It was beautiful, the bride (my niece) was stunningly beautiful!

Pearl said...

WOW! Nice work! And I'm a big sucker for -- oh, just about everything you made!
Man, I really gotta get down South...

darsden said...

Pearl-Wonderful to see you my dear. Com'on down I will cook you some southern fried chicken dinner to die for :-)

bernthis said...

OH God, please save some of those chocolates for me and oh yeah, I'll take a cookie any time.

darsden said...

bernthis-Welcome how wonderful for you to drop in. Yes, please have a cookie would you like a cup of coffee? I will be posting hopefully today some more pictures. Thank you for stopping by come back again anytime :-)

Michelle said...

You are such a wonderful Aunt! Thank you so much for everything! Damn, I miss that chicken salad! Love you!

darsden said...

Michelle - Thank you honey for all you did.
Com'on back down anytime and bring your husband we would love to meet Ross.