Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Reception

Good Morning, I am going to post some more beautiful pictures for you all today. It is the reception that I am posting today. When I get more pictures from the photographer and all the other picture takers I am sure I will make you all suffer some more :-)

First off meet my date for the evening. He didn't know it till he got there, nor did I. But, it was love at first site. Gabriel, capture my heart right away. His sister Hannah wasn't too far behind. Every time I turned around there he was.

Oh, my what a cutie pootootie...makes me miss my boys even more.

My beautiful sister just gazing at her daughter - the bride.

The Dad and Daughter dance-to My Little Girl-Tim McGraw.

The groom getting another glass of nerve baby girl wants a piece of cake...mama.

The Toast
Beautiful Couple
Getting Ready The bridesmaid...striking a pose..but it also shows the table set up in the and she is extremely lucky that one leg of her held her up...rotflmao
Brooke actually (being non-traditional she is) let Emoree cut the cake with her
Looks like the dude is hitting her up for her digits and she is yelling Frank, LOL
This to me was the coolest idea my sister had. This was the brides flowers that are wrapped with my late grandmothers hand embroidered handkerchief. HOW cool is that.
It was a wonderful day, I think the last guest left around 9 so that is always a great sign of a real good party...when you have to close the party to get the people to go home...Now mind ya -you don't have to go home -Ya just gotta Get the Hell up outta here, bye - bye now,

ya'll come back now ya hear!


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Twisted Fencepost said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful setting.
Love the hand embroidered flower wraps! Great idea!

Reddirt Woman said...

Gabriel has gorgeous baby blues!!! And the photo of your sis looking at her daughter... beautiful. You can almost feel mama's pride. I, to, think that wrapping the bride's flowers with your grandmother's hankie was a great idea.

darsden said...

Becky-it was a very cool idea for something old, and borrowed because it was given to my mother. 2 birds with one stone eh!

Helen-yes, that lil man stole my heart. The evening was wonderful. Grandma would have/is been proud.

Lilly said...

Loved the photos Dar. Beautiful bride, just beautiful everything!! Do you have sons did you say?

darsden said...

Lilly-thankyou very much. Brooke looks so much like my sister, they are just beautiful. The boys I was referring to are my great nephews they and babysister Ella just moved from Destin to Virgina, I am missing them bad. That is a long distance, I use to could visit all the time being 3 hours away...18 hours is totally different. Please come more posting of the wedding photographers pictures..there is even one of me :-)