Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No, Pulse - WTF

Good Morning my friends and "My Queen". Hope all of you have a fantastic day. Here is today's play list for dar. I am filtering calm, cool, collective so I can focus on all I need to get done still.

Along with - Uhmmmmm, I still haven't found anything to wear to the wedding which is Sunday. Did ya know I was also the chef for said event so right about now, I am thinking the female version of the Pillsbury Dough Girl...with chef hat! Ya know I be loving me some white why not show up in it...OH, yeah, the little fact of the damn Bride is "suppose" to be the only one in white..damnit!

And You missy, I am still working on your little project, in between the monsoons and the wedding. (bowing gracefully out of the room)

Tunes Today by dar

1. Sade' - Lovers Rock
2. Sade' - Love Deluxe
3. Enya- Shepherd Moons
4. Enya - Paint the Sky with Stars-Best of Enya
5. Celtic Woman-
6. Sarah McLachlan- Afterglow
7. Sarah McLachlan- Surfacing
8. Michael Franks- Sleeping Gypsy
9. John Mayer - Room for Squares
10. John Mayer - Heavier Things
added late sorry Always Assume that Duffy is at the top of the play list everyday. I wake up with duf every morning ;-)


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Anonymous said...

Your list is awesome Dar!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Wear another color and accent with white. Then when you put on the white chef's hat, it will match perfectly.
Good luck getting it all done (in time)!!!

derfina said...

*whispers* where'd duffy go?

darsden said...

Tabitha- thank you a much calmer selection today :-)

TF- I'm looking for something in Red ;-) no luck today though... the styles are just sooo not me!

derfina- LOL, duffy is always there...guess I should have re-listed her. I start everyday with a lil bit of duf...*smirky* I can't find Chit for the wedding so I am wearing what I wore to the gallery opening...will that be it has to be okay. Or it' shorts!

♥ Braja said... any Ravi Shankar or ... ok don't worry about it...but if I hear in my head Sade's "Your Love Is King" one more time I'm gonna have to blow something up....

♥ Braja said...

Although if you included a pitcher of actually skip that. I don't want Sade AND a hangover...I gave both up in the early 90's :))

Lilly said...

Oh I hope you found something to wear to the wedding. How are you going to kick back and have fun while you have to cook too? Go on, wear the Chef whites. Good idea and comfy too plus you dont have to wear high heels either! Great play list. I kinda like the 90s personally and anything chilled out fits my mood these days. So what are you going to make for the wedding, can you take some pics of the food?

darsden said...

Lilly- Good Morning, yes, last night finally found a nice outfit. (or one that will just have to do) Would love to wear the chefs outfit, but I would have had to stand around like I was hired.
Both kids have been laid the wedding has to scale down some. We have about 4 cooks preparing. Yes, I will have pictures posted soon. I am cooking several things but the main fancy one is the chocolate covered long stem cherries I am making :-)