Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Last Picture Show

Good Morning, here are the last of the pictures of the beautiful wedding we had out on the ponderosa last weekend. These are the photographers pictures. This will be the last time I make ya'll suffer....LOL Hope ya'll have enjoyed the pictures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.My sister made all the arrangements
Brooke getting Emoree ready
she had to be the calmest bride I have ever seen
Emoree watching Brooke get dress
My grandmothers handkerchief wrapped her bouquet
Non - traditional remember..we had people write notes instead of just their name.
Proud parents with the new couple
Oh my even one of me...dang I'm short
Baby girl is married
New Lil Family

Mr. & Mrs. Frank McNell
Leaving Single Life behind Forever... Priceless
Happy Trails to you, until we meet again, happy trails to you....


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Reddirt Woman said...

Throwing rice and birdseed...

Nice wrap to a beautiful day and several beautiful posts.

Thank you for sharing.


darsden said...

Helen-no we didn't throw anything..bride is so non-traditional! Thank you and that is the close of the ceremony..LOL

Joanie said...

thanks for sharing your sister's wedding with us! the photos were lovely!

Train Wreck said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. You are a sweet blog friend.
What a beautiful wedding. How wonderful to be starting the rest of their lives together. Cheers, to many happy memories, I hope they love each other more and more each day.

darsden said...

Joanie-you are welcome thankyou for coming back to view more of them..the last of them!

Train Wreck-thankyou for your kind words. My heart still goes out to you and I think about his wife and children and pray time will help.

tinkalicious said...

Love your pics and you are not short, it is known as "vertically challenged" my dear! It enables us to stop and smell the roses without having to bend. (thanks for your support and comments!) I am not getting any taller meself!
at least in height, but my esteem continues to grow!

darsden said...

Hey tinkalicious, thankyou for stopping by. Yes, big time vertically challenged at all of my 5'1. I have enjoyed going and looking at all the beautiful pictures you post too.

derfina said...

Going on thirty five years as friends and this is the FIRST time I've seen you in a dress/skirt!

You did her proud, my love.

darsden said...

derfina-I know right, I shocked a lot of people. (esp.Brooke) It was very comfortable, I fell in love with the skirt, mom helped me in finding the top. (not one I would have chosen on my own believe me) They all were really afraid I would show up in the Chefs outfit.

Pearl said...

darsden, how tall are you, anyway?! Cuz me, I'm really tall.
(Five foot four -- and a half!)

You might not have chosen that outfit, but you looked good in it, and that's all you have to do!
Emoree is just as cute as a bug's ear, by the way...

darsden said...

Hey Pearl- can I sugar coat it and tell ya my niece is 6'0 so I really look short (no she really is that tall!) But, I used to could claim a big 5'2 but after 2 major back surgeries I am barely keeping right above 5'0! Hay some of the best thang's come in small packages ;-) Stomping around now...can't believe you are taller than me chit,chit,chit!

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Dar, I am 5'0 so its totally cool. :)
Short is where its at baby!! :)

Beautiful pictures!!

darsden said...

Tabitha-Hey honey we difinitly see eye to eye. LOL and you are sooo right it is where it's happening! Thanks you always bring a smile to my face :-)