Monday, March 2, 2009

Music - Makes the People Come Together...

Good Morning...running late I know. But, I have been busy reading all of ya'lls blogs. Making my little comments. It is now I have realize the day is flying by and I still have sooooo much to do before Sunday.

So, with the time saving in mind my post today is very short. It is what I have been listening to this week while I have been getting ready. Now mind you I am doing it the old fashion way. Unlike her that has a ipod... I am doing it the antique way...via cd's instead of mp3. I actually change these out...imagine that! LOL, Okay be prepared NOT to be impressed...unless you like the What... totally no flow what so ever...LOL but that how the mole hole dweller rolls. This is how I grab the stack off the stand okay.

1. Duffy- Rockferry - Hell no I am never taking it out!
2. Elton John- Greatest Hits (1) No words need to be spoken....just bow
3. Beatles- Sg. Peppers Lonely Hearts club band - I'm fix'in a room...
4. Santana- Supernatural - again just bow
5. Kenny Chesney- Lucky Old Sun - ooooo the love I have for this man! the song "boats"....
6. Five for Fighting- A battle for everything-love, love, love this entire cd
7. BEll, Biv, Devoe (holla)-Poison - holla for ol' skool- N2deep,public enemy- should've come by
8. Boys II Men- Cooteyhighharmony
9. Boys II Men- II
10. Black Symphony-Within Temptation & The Metropole Orchestra

There ya have...I know Right!


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Joanie said...

That is quite a mix of music styles!

Reddirt Woman said...

Talk about eclectic...

Got some great music and some that I don't even know. I need to get back to the music, girlfriend.

Thanks for making me feel really out of it. LOL

darsden said...

Joanie- yes, I know it happens like that. Most of the time it is just country on..but, I have been pulling out some oldies but goodies.

Helen- that was the word I was looking for, but couldn't come up with how to spell it ;-) I enjoy all types of music-except opera!

Pearl said...

Oh, I'll geaux all right!
That's quite a mix-up you got there, girl! We could dance!! LOVE the Beatles, Santana, Elton John. I try not to listen to Public Enemy on the bus though -- makes me lip synch and then I am forced to make fun of myself.

Rock on, baby!

darsden said...

Pearl- wonderful to see you again. Yes, I love to dance even if it is by myself. I hear ya, but I still try to flow the rap...LOL (it comes from having your nephew live with you right out of college...chit happens!) ;-)

Lilly said...

Oh I kind like all that music too. I think its good if you listen to different styles of music. I hope your week goes well! Keep dancing.

darsden said...

Lilly- thank you so much for stopping by, always makes my day to see you. I have a busy outside day planned tomorrow so I might have some new tunes up. (never know with me)

♥ Braja said...

Yep, just checked and there's no pulse. Oh ok ok the music choice is fine. If you're not me. I don't fit in, do I? Do you still love me?

darsden said...

Braja- OOwwLcCha- Woman I have been very busy. Yes, I still love ya, even though you don't care for my music. Perhaps todays selection will be more fitting for "My Queen" the first Lady is my other queen (notice she didn't get caps lol). No, Pulse...check again, I can feel it pumping...LOL