Saturday, March 28, 2009

dar's white water rafting club now open

WooooWeeee What a night it was on the Ponderosa. I don't ever remember the thunder rolling like that. It didn't stop for hours! Yesterday's post warned of what was to come. It came and is still coming. We not only lost the island underwater but we also lost the drive way. Pop's new walk way he rebuild for the wedding, we will have to see if we can find it when the water goes down. As far as being able to take the same pictures from yesterday..I can't due to the fact I cannot cross the rapids to get there and that part is totally under water anyway. I took what I could sorry if a couple were blurry but it has started sprinkling again...goodness we don't need any more rain. They say the sun will be out by noon, we sure do need it.
We need to go find all our stuff.
it was up to the flag poll
This is the spill way that the water went over last night okay notice that is a hugh incline
before I walked down to take a look ...beautiful
where the lil bride got married 2 weeks ago..glad it wasn't this weekend
white water anybody
other side of the driveway
just raw power
u could almost catch a wave
the walk way to the second bridge I walked over yesterday
the 5 foot drop off yesterday that is out of the bank by now 20 feet can't even get there
the currant just cutting through..uhmmmm no ditch here normally
the dark line is how far the water was so it has dropped by 10 feet
the white rapids in the back..aren't suppose to be there at all, why I can't reach the other side
the bride would have needed swim fins instead of heels . If you zoom in on this picture-I mean blow it up. You can see the water was over the floor at one point because of the pinestraw wrapped around the beam and all the trash. It was probably half way up the rail.
can't get over there from here
blow this one up to you can see all the trash trapped in the fence side
narlly dude
the ducks again missing his boards on the other side it drops off
lil dude can't swim that fast

another angle of the mini rapid
where the wedding was held and the boat is under
this clump of debry isn't suppose to be here, it's from it coming over the driveway
going under the driveway and the debry on top from the flow thru
the sound is unreal wish ya'll could hear it
at least 6 to 8 inches in 3 hours is what they are saying
the wisteria hang in there


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Twisted Fencepost said...

Wow! You'd think those clouds would empty out eventually. But, no, it's still raining. Your storms are here now. I haven't heard the thunder yet, but it's coming.
My wisteria aren't blooming yet, but almost.

Reddirt Woman said...

Dang! Talk about putting on your big girl waders and dealin' with it... We got 2 or 3 inches of rain, but just a dustin' of snow. We do have the wind and the cold, however, so I'm stayin' in the house doing stupid things like laundry.

Stay safe.

darsden said...

TF-I hope they weren't as strong as they were here.

RW-yes, I was being careful, the snakes are all coming out right about now too.

**Well, they final update for my area for the rain total was 15.4 inches of rain. So a lot more than I originally thought.***

Lilly said...

Oh my Dar, are you ok over there? Put your gum boots on and be careful. Your photos are fantastic by the way. You live in such a beautiful area (well besides the water). I am so glad the weather was not like this for the wedding you are so right. Take care and how is your swimming? Prayers to everyone affected by the flooding.

darsden said...

Lilly-it's all good. The water has gone down. Tomorrow suppose to be bad again we will have to see how bad. It's the time of year...And oh to soon hurricane season yehaw ;-0