Tuesday, March 31, 2009

swimming inside

Good Morning, I am going to try to share a few pictures of my aquarium. I have found it is not easy trying to take pictures of fish! I had to go through a lot to get these few. You can click on the picture to blow them up it helps with some of the details of the fish. rare to see my catfish out esp for a picture yoyo botia-jr tank ruler
red tail shark-the tank ruler
african leaf fish-she's cool - my fav
yoyo sleeps belly up, I always think he is dead
leaf likes to hide
Plecostomus-sucker fish
yoyo likes to take his picture
Plecostomus he is getting big
male betta rare appearance, sunkist gourami, my shark peeking in
I couldn't get good pictures of some of them. They are too fast and too small and shy. Thanks for dropping by and checking the tank out. I am going out to batten down the hatches again. It's going to be another bumpy day weather wize...YUCK, I 'm over the storms already!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Fish Dar!!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Thanks for sharing your aquarium. It is beautiful. So much more than mine.
Hang on, hopefully the storms will pass quickly. Then they'll be over here. Darn it!

darsden said...

Tabitha-thank you, those boogers are hard to make stay still ;-)

Becky TF- I know right.. I am on the front end and you get the back end of them sorry :-)

Lilly said...

You did really well to take such great pictures. I tried to take some at an Aquarium recently and it was hopeless. I love fish.

I hope the storms pass you by. The weather has gone crazy!! Take Care. How is the water levels?

darsden said...

Lilly-thankyou, those lil boogers don't like to "stay" LOL to get those few pictures I took over 200 no joke. I was suprized by how the fish followed me taking them...just like kids!
The weather has gone crazy, it was 80 yesterday and today it is in the low 60's. I will let you know after the next two days of storms pass. Right now we are in the banks and calm but suppose to shake us around tonight.

tinkalicious said...

Ooh, I am a fishy kindagal, (in the good sense),and anyone that has the patience to care for the aqua life has my admiration!

As for the weather (whether (sorry 'bout the pun))it's here, there and everywhere else, it is mad crazy), in the words of my boys, WTF?

darsden said...

tinkalicious-yes, I guess everybody is getting their share of rough weather. It is just getting old and it has just started ;-)

Reddirt Woman said...

I love aquariums. Thanks, Dar, for sharing.


Jeanne said...

I've always wanted an aquarium. I wonder if you can hire an "aquarium boy?" Similar to a pool boy, but for indoor work.

darsden said...

Helen- thank you for stopping by and checking them out. I really need to add some more fish to the tank...they are getting bossey in there.

Jeanne-welcome back I know in the saltwater tanks they have "special" people to take care of them, they are a lot of work, that is why I went the cheap route. When one of these babies kick it, it's not so bad, my leaf fish is the most expensive in the tank, she was 12.00 dollars. But, if it was salt water a fish like here would be around 50.00 dollars...I would cry at that loss...still will cry if I loose Leaf but I could afford to replace her ;-)