Friday, March 27, 2009

A rapid runs thru it

Good Morning, posting some picture of some of the rain we have been getting. By the end of the day the island and gazebo in the back will be totally under water. Here is something to ponder when hurricane Katrina hit (yes we stayed) the gazebo in the back ground was totally under water. The water was actually 2 feet higher than it stands. It was 6 inches from coming into the house. I know ya'll have seen pictures of how high that hill is the house is on. Anyway these are pre pictures I will post more after it finishes flooding. (yes at 2:08 this morning Rudey and I were running for cover for a tornado warning) So, over the bad weather! These are the rapids cutting through the driveway...this is usually a dry area
I would hate to fall's moving

This is it cutting through and usually it is a 5 foot drop off, it is flush with the land right now.
Another angle of the pond creeping out the far it's only out by 4 feet
The lil bridge behind the gazebo to the other side of the pond try to show the wisteria growing.
out of the banks
again the drop off over this bridge is usually 5 feet it is almost flush.
The azaleas all took a beating last night too.
Even too deep for the
Only one baby left now....dang it...
Rudey watching the baby duck.
a orange azalea
white azalea
pink one
Oh, I just got back from taking derfina to the airport...she is jumping out her skin....HELLO she make me take her to the airport at 9 and her plane doesn't leave till noon. LOL She has a frigging three hour lay over 3 miles from my house...she was like on a pogo stick people!!!

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Anonymous said...

We had pretty rough weather here yesterday. The look outside actually reminded me of the day Katrina hit, so cut to me in the closet having a MAJOR anxiety attack. Sheesh!!

darsden said...

Oh, my Tabitha, sorry to hear it was bad for you too..esp after enduring Katrina, I feel for you. I cheated and took a xanex so I wouldn't have one. But me and the folks were scambling to the bathrooms to hide.

Wendy said...

Sorry about your weather troubles... on a nice note, I have to tell you my littlest son has had a great time looking at all the animal pictures on your blog!

darsden said...

Wendy-Welcome so happy to hear the lil one enjoyed the site too. I love animals so I do take a lot of pictures of them. I am more of a picture blogger than writer. Com'on back anytime.
(yes the weather is storming again,it is another tornado active night! I hope this is the last one yuck)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like those storms are headed our way. We have severe weather alerts for today.
Sure hope we don't get any flooding.
Love that orange azalea. I'm gonna have to find me one to plant here on the farm.

darsden said...

TF-I hope you don't get it like we got it last night. Man, the thunder rolled for hours non stop. I posted more flood pictures today. White Water Rafting Anybody? If I new how to clip a good spout I would send you some orange azalea's they are all over here :-)

Reddirt Woman said...

Gorgeous azalea photos. You done good, girl!


darsden said...

helen- thankyou