Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey Ya'll, I actually got dressed today but I still don't have anywhere to go! Thought I would share that I took off my little ducky pj's and actually have a pair of jeans on. Now I know why I stayed in my jammies. This aren't as soft! But hey at least I am dressed. The weather is beautiful it is teasing me. I am already so ready for spring and summer. Ready to get the pool cleaned and ready for summer fun. ( I know Pearl, like we even have a winter....nothing compared to what you are enduring! sorry) We have had a solid week of the nights hitting below freezing. That is so rare for down here. We are not use to it at all. Bring On Summer! Of course then I will be complaining about how frigging hot it is. But, I can handle summer better than winter, cause I can get outside more. Like take boat rides with Derfina! I miss the long days I cannot stand the night time. There are boogermen out there! Oh, yes there are! Well, sorry it is so boring today but, I haven't left my house in over a week and I just got dressed for the first time since cut me a lil slack (please) Catch ya'll next time maybe with more news.

Okay I came back to add a little something I sent to my siblings, they didn't find the humor in it I did. OH, Well the truth can be funny sometimes or sometimes it might not be...depends on which side of the truth you are on I am guessing. Let me know what Ya'll think about my little memo.
Letter to my Siblings:
I have NOT scheduled any party for mothers birthday.... I am not an only child! So to my beloved sister and brother, if you two come up with anything please inform me and the we will be happy to attend. I am on hiatus, some one else needs to make plans... I quit being the family coordinator thanks for the support through all the years Cheers-dar

Now I ask you ...what is wrong with that?

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Lilly's Life said...

Peronally I like the email you sent. Sometimes these things have to be said lol!!! You havent left your house for a week? Well at least you got dressed today. Mind you when its cold there is nothing better than staying in lounging around. And I am so with you on the soft jammies too. Ah well, summer will be coming your way soon. I am sitting in here in the heat wishing it was a bit cooler!! Thanks for your comments on my post. I so appreciate them and a thank you for voting for my blog too. A surprise!! Have a good week!

darsden said...

Thank you Lilly, My sister wasn't too happy. I apprecitate you stopping by and commenting.

Braja said...

Ducky pyjamas and no photos????? WTF??!!

Reddirt Woman said...

Glad to know about your ducky 'jammas... #1 of 100 for you - I have flamingo 'jammas. Hey, it's a start...

darsden said...

Hey Helen, LOL thanks for sharing. I am going to link you as soon as I can get a post together. (I know I am very late)