Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lilly May I

Okay so I am stealing a little blog lead from Lilly please check out her blog talk about being a talented writer go read Lilly @ sorry I don't know how to hide that yet (they are going to kick me off for that aren't they?) So in reading Lilly's post today It bought to my mind what me and my sister do. We go for who can give the ugliest gift. Last year she gave me the beloved cow below as my "gift" It did give me a wonderful laugh. Purple being my favorite color when she saw this she said she stopped dead in her tracks and said she didn't care how much money it cost...had to have it. Believe me I can see why. This lovely purple cow bull with the beautiful colorful butterflies is also a bank. So, not only is it a beautiful conversation piece it also has a purpose! But, the kicker is I have grown very fond of purple cow bull I keep him out all year long. (now I didn't say everybody can see it but I do daily it makes me smile) I think my new bff Braja will love him too when she sees him. (might as well get in more trouble so here) You can find Braja @
purple cowbank how useful ;-9
So, you know what they say about pay back. The dar tries her best to keep up...LOL After the cowbullcrap I mean bank. I combed the stores last year and at Tuesday Mornings in the window there it was, calling to me. Here I am, can you see me, oh, yes, I do and you will be purrfect...what the F**K, what do you mean closed till March, WTF...Shaking, I got to have it NOW, I must have it. Oh, NO, she's just looking and pointing, smacking that gum pointing...closed for inventory. Heart is thumping but, you don't understand I gotts to get it. Well, frick she wouldn't open the damn door. I shook all the way home but I marked the date and waited and waited.

I was the first one there and 20 minutes early. NObody was gonna get this baby. People were starting to gather but I dare them, talk about sum body language going on! The door opened I ran in and just dared anybody to get in my way. As I am moving through the store I was asking the clerk where the Christmas stuff was. I never slowed she yelled as I was heading (thankyou) in the right direction. And there he was patiently waiting on me. I grabbed him and was gone in a moment. (he was a fantastic 75% off too whoohoo) So, the next two pictures are of my sister holding her new prize conversation piece. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge them to get the full effect.
You probably can't make it out but that is a red fox on the side of the patchwork deer that is painted lite blue, his horns have glitter, he has red striped socks on and it says Joy on the side, which is my sisters name...priceless and cheap! GottaLovethat. I am thinking it is only downhill from here.
Don't forget to check out my best BFF's blog you ALL will be thanking me for telling All Ya'll about these very creative and beautiful women. (you ALL are Welcome very much .. NOW Go get your read on) @


Lilly's Life said...

Thanks Dar, for the link! HA HA, I see what you mean now, how funny. I think we could have a competition to see who has the worst gift. Love your sister's expression. Through gritted teeth she smiles at her new deer saying WTF!!, HA HA!

By the way, just betweem me and you if you ever want to swap that purple cow with my disessected knit frog, let me know. I kind of fancy it. Great post.

Um and to put the links in - go to the edit post page in blogger, type the word you want to link, highlight it and then go to the menu (italics, caps, font etc) and click on the little green icon (move your mouse over it and it says link) then when the insert box appers, put in the HTML link you want and click ok. And that was probably all double dutch.

Thanks for your great post. I think you should set up a meme on this topic now. The worst present that everyone has!

darsden said...

Hi, Lilly thank you very much and esp. for the help on the link. Hopefully I will be able to do it (oH derfina I said do it) :-9

Braja said...

OMG I WANT ONE!!! I loved this post Dar :)

darsden said...

Hey Braja, every time I look at it I think of you and cowbaby. I have grown very fond of him myself. My sister better not throw the deer away either! I will keep my eyes open for you and Lilly. :-)

Charmaine said...

Hey there!!! I read your comment on Braja's post about hormones.

My hair has fallen out to the tune of at least 50%. They tested my Thyroid and it was ok.

How often do you get hot flashes? Mine were literally every 10 minutes. I would turn beet read and sweat so much that my straightened hair would start to frizz.

So you take an anti-depressant and it works?

Dying to hear back,

darsden said...

Hi, Charmaine welcome! Okay the hair thing that was my first clue. I took steroid shots in the head helped a lot. My thyroid was hard to catch too, it is called Hasimoto thyroid disease. I would go in blood work would be fine. It took several trips then one day Dr. came in and said I think I got it. Five years in now STILL trying to control it. I take to different mg 120's and 90's everyother day. She is still teaking my meds. Could not sleep to save my life. Sweat-hell looked like I just got out the pool clothes and all. Red as a beet. Don't think I made it 10 minutes more like every 5 minutes. I still sleep with 3 fans and a/c a lot of the time. The lil blue pills (xanex) helped with the panic attacks not being as bad. I still get them just not as often. They also now help me sleep sometimes.
Get with your Doctor about steriod shots for your hair. Have your blood tested several different days and times. Hope that helps :-)

Reddirt Woman said...

I love, love, love the purple cow bank, and the blue reindeer was the perfect come backer. You two have too much fun!

Thanks for the laugh!


darsden said...

Hey Helen, thanks he has become very popular, I might have to get a security guard for him! Yes, my whole family is a hoot ;-)


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