Friday, January 9, 2009

Derfina & IB shaking the earth in Costa Rica

Hello everybody! Wanted to let ya'll know there was an earthquake in Costa Rica this morning. I fired an email to Derfina to check on them. She just got to the internet cafe' and the internet is very crappy. But, she and the IB are okay and what to let everybody know that and she sends her love to all. Yay, what a relief it is to know they are okay. :-)

Derfina said they are having fun, that is evident by the earthquake if you ask me..LOL

I cannot wait till she sits down to write about this vacation. I will need a pot of coffee I am sure.


Braja said...

I can't wait comments box is not the same without her :(

darsden said...

Hey, Braja, Yes, I am waiting for this post too or maybe a couple out of this vacation. She couldn't take her laptop so I know she will have a lot of catching up to do too in reading.

lizzie lee said...

Thanks for your words, and for stopping by. How did you get to my blog?

lizzie lee said...

what little widget??

Reddirt Woman said...

Hey, Dar.. I have good friends in Tunica that are wanting me to come visit. I told them we'd (my babies and I) would be visiting in the spring. Is that anywhere near where you are?

I'm in Ft. Worth a lot because of my sibs. That and every now and then I need to get away. Thanks for stopping by and your good wishes for my s.i.l.'s back. This has been a trial for her for sure.


darsden said...

I have been to Tunica before. It is right under 6 hours from here. I stayed at the Horseshoe casino.

That is great you were able to go help with the recovery period. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had my mothers help after mine!