Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 44th President Day

Hello Everybody, what a day today HUH! I have done absolutely nothing today except for watch TV. It was very interesting to watch. (I just wish they would shut up and let you enjoy it without talking over all the singing and giving their opinions. It would be nice just to watch and enjoy it all) I never took off my pj's all day. Yep that lazy.

I know some of ya'll know Derfina, and I got to have another girlie night Sunday. Thank you IB, for wanting to watch football with your main man Steve. I am sorry I don't have a lot to report or show ya''ll we pretty much just chilled. ( a lil while anyway)

It was a beautiful day the weather was just perfect. Derfina came over a lil after 3. We sat outside and had a couple of drinks. We decided not to light the fire pit, we didn't want to smell like smoke all night. I grilled a couple of steaks and cooked some dar special taters. We watched 2 movies. Shortly after the first movie started, dardar started to get a headache. Which ended up turning into a I'll be back in a moment to visit with you Derfina, poor thing had to deal with me throwing up all night. (Guessing it was the combo of the bloody marys and steak - I am not much on the red meat department-so the wuss I am gave it all back plus interest) But at least I got to share 2 movies Derfina hadn't seen yet. For the most part it was very enjoyable and relaxing (at least I hope it was for Derfina) I always enjoy my time with her we always manage to laugh about something! I did get hear about the vacation and look at their pictures. Ya'll when be in for a treat when she sits down to write and post the pictures.

So, yes I am still in my pj's whats your point? I think tomorrow will be a better day and I might just get dressed! LOL


P.S. Props to Lilly for teaching me how to hide my links
Props to Braja for being my GURU Queen
Props again to Derfina for being my friend for 33 years
Props to Pearl just cuz she makes me smile all the time

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Twisted Fencepost said...

Too bad you had to see the bloody mary and steak again! Maybe next time will be not so undigestible.
And yeah, you had a girls night! I need a girls night bad. Maybe I should come visit you. But no bloody mary's! Seeing them once is enough! tee hee

darsden said...

Hey Becky, thanks for stopping by. YES, I am cured of having bloody marys at least for a year or so and steak for several months too. Com'on down we will have a wii pardee. It would be too cool to have a blogville party somewhere and meet all you wonderful people out there!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my you poor thing. Perhaps it was the combination of the two do you think! Glad you got your links working, there will be no stopping you now. Thanks so much for the link too!!

darsden said...

Yes, I am sure it was the combo. But, it's the last combo for a loooong time. Links thanks to a super duper Chick named Lilly that helped the short bus rider :-)