Friday, December 19, 2008

On The Road Again, Dar & Derfina...!!!

Music Suggestion: Willie Nelson On the Road Again!
On the road again with my best friend Derfina. It is an early morning as I have a plan to go suprise my nephew and his family. My great nephew West who is 5, had a Christmas program at his school scheduled for 12:30 pm on Wednesday, in Sandestin, Florida, appx. 3 1/2 hours away. I had to first stop by Escatawpa, Ms and pick up Ms thang..(derfina) Oh, yeah I called an hour before hand to make sure she had scooped all the poop she needed too before we got under way, no later than 8. Actually got on the road a few minutes early so we took advantage when we got into Navarre, Fl we stopped and ate at (hand over heart in omege') the waffle house... then preceeded on to the other side of Destin, almost to Panama City. We rang the bell at the fams house...Richard my nephew opened the door to Derfina standing there...mind you he hasn't seen her in at least 25 years...he said (with a I think I know you...) can I help you...then I peek around and he about dieds...then the wife Jennifer came out to see who was all over her man...that would be Derfina...because by then I had a monkey named Travis on me (3) and Ms Ella, heading for me who just turned one in Oct. I have been jonesing for my babies big time this is the longest I have gone without seeing them...right at 6 weeks now. We visited for a short while then we were off to go suprise my lil man West (5)...who got so choaked up when he first saw me...everybody had a tear...(them babies love them sum'dardar) Dardar loves them babies...enough to fly through the fog to ensure not to miss one minute of the whole 10 minute,love,love them babies.!! We had a wonderful lunch at Fudpuckers...we were puc-ked'...then back on the road by 3:30 pm because what --do I see rolling in but the fog again and we cross many of bridges to get here and it only gets worse the more you head into Derfina country...!!! The Whip...I mean harmless this lil thang is...!!!
It's only a V6 with a chipped up engine....Bam!!!
Morning heading in to pickup Derfina to go to Destin...horrible fog!

MOOOOOIE Christmas
Dar & Derfina... OH SANTA COW...mywhatthighsyouhave
Derfina's offspring Alex...HOW handsome is he...Wow
West (5) seeing me for the first time...hey it's my dardar
Priceless...singing for dardar...
OMGosh it's Santa ....
HOHO is on the Firetruck dardar ...Travis (3)
What a Great day it was my lil man!
xoxo to all

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