Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Morning Mississippi

Good Morning lovely it is to be home...sssh few hours anyway. I have already had my theatening phone call...I'm running late...but, I WILL be there, be ready. Quick run lil girl run...! (Thankgoodness mother nature has taking pitty upon me and cast down her lovely downfall of thunderstorms...yehaw...did I say that out loud)
If I never hear Mobile Alabama again...I might beable to let go of the xanex bottle....wait it won't turn loose...myhandisstuck. Shout out to Pearl for hitting me first thang this am with her lil reference..still trembling!

First I am not able to post all..see references above..days blurr when your on derfina and drugs!

So, let's start out with oh lets say...a trip to Mobile... Bellingrath Gardens, beautiful and full of fun and pictures...Yes, I make a picture in my mind then set about trying to create it...even if it means my subject stands there or sit there ...till it is exactly right. ( I can block out all that complainaboutanythingbitching too-that I created) but it has to be right...just like I will make her move all over the theaters either movie or theatical till the right seat is found.

side note... Alex's theatical play, I was not looking through Miss brillo pad hairdo from the 1960's .. hair all let's move, Derfina gave me the finger and the lil ... we ain't doing this..

we did..Front Row and Center. If I am there, they need to know I am there! (sees sometimes the darster gets her way)

Back to Bellingrath, with Derfina and my parents, we started out having a lovely dinner at Cracker Barrel, then a short drive to you guessed it ... The gardens and the lights were just beautiful. The company priceless...The folks having a good ole time laughing at Derfina and me. Cause we are ALWAYS ON IT..not planned just the way we roll. You guys need to know my folks have always been around Derfina, they have watch her (almost) grow up like me. So, we are all very comfortable around each other and can say just about no rules apply.
(you all also know how I roll with her Mama...we tight like that too)

This post is mainly so I can squeeze in the so desired pictures of said beautiful place and my good ole buddy ole pal of mine Derfina. Enjoy... I'll be back!

xoxo's to all

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