Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Summer fades to Fall @ Derfina's

Come take a peek into my best friend Derfinas world with me. These are some scenes of the boating trips we would take along her beautiful Escatawpa River. Maybe some of the other reasons to make Derfina purr! Come along with us take a ride up Derfina's River (pun intended if you get it)!!! So enjoy the pictures you can also click on them and they will enlarge for you. Also go to the music player and type in Kenny Chesney Boats...good song to go with the pictures.First Mate Derfina-(but really my capt'an)

Our favorite place to hang and chill

Ode' Omege to the tree
Winter Starts 2008

Beautiful Sanctuary

This is my most favorite


Braja said...

Wow that's really beautiful Darlene...

darsden said...

Thank you Braja, it is absolutely beautiful out there!

Pearl said...

Looks very much like the Missippi River, but looks nothing like winter!
Happy New Year!

darsden said...

Hi, Pearl, yes, it does favor the mississippi a lil bit. I Know the winters down here are nothing to compare to yours...maybe I should refer to it from now on as always early fall... I have the a/c on today and in shorts! ;-)

Pastor Sharon said...

This spot reminds me of The Notebook. You know the places they go where the ducks and swans are?

darsden said...

Pastor Sharon-thank you for back tracking and visiting. This is one of my favorites, some of the best pictures I've ever taken were in the winter scenes, of course I couldn't post them all. But its a different world out there! xoxo