Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from The Mole Hole

To The Mole Hole- Com'on In visit a lil while- take a lil tour of my lil abode. The door is open! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I love being around the water, Actually I have to be around the water it is calming, stress reliever for me. Then there are the Oak about a tree loving hippie, that is me. They are just about the most beautiful trees with the ever loving arms entended up to heaven and able to carry the majestic are they. Guess I will have to come back and add some of those lovelies.. For now com'on in a take a tour. Merry Christmas to ya'll and may we all have a better New Year ahead. xoxo dar
Queen of the Mole Hole
Princess of the Mole Hole
Merry Christmas Ya'll
Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
I do, I dooooo Believe...!
Non Traditional- Purple Christmas at the Mole Hole
How Santa Rocks-it in the South
Fire pit and greenhouse in the back
view from the door of mole hole
The Mole Hole....
View from the mole hole porch - that would be the parents looking back at me
across from the house
very calm on the pond today
very back right corner - mole hole
Cajun Pond USA aka The Ponderosa appx 16 acres
where the folks the big house


Janie said...

Came by via Braja's blog. I have lots of Cajun friends (oilfield trash that we are!); it's nice to meet you!

darsden said...

Nice to meet you Janie and Thanks for coming by. My step dad is 100% Cajun, real good guy. Appreciate you dropping a comment. Braja is awesome!

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting.... Wishing you " A Happy New Year''

darsden said...

Good Morning Femin Susan, thankyou for stopping by. "My Blog" needs a lil more umpth to it...I am working on it. But, when you have Braja, Derfina, Lilly out there writing. OH MY.
Come back anytime. :-)

Braja said...

Dar honey, will you update this damned blog?!!! :))))

darsden said...

Braja, MQ.. I am working on it. I have no motivation ya know! Where's my muse... ME-OW

Reddirt Woman said...

I am so envious... You live in a beautiful place. Water, lots of room, water and only 3 hours from Desitin, from the ocean and more water. You are one lucky woman.


darsden said...

I tell myself all the time how blessed I am for the area I live in and have lived in. I have to be by the water! Then on the West side of me is the grand ole city of New Orleans. I have been heading that way a lot too lately! I am extremely blessed to be able to help and share the beautiful place my parents have built I love being close to them and helping out it is great! No, need to be envious, it is not mine. :-)

Pastor Sharon said...

Nice place Dar!

darsden said...

Pastor Sharon-thank you kindly :-)