Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Mini Vacation

Heading out for another mini vacation to Jackson, Ms on Saturday going to visit my brother and his family. Jeff, his son leaves on Monday heading out to meet up with his band members and heading down to Miami to record their first cd. They are a heavy metal group...Mutiny Within and they have a record deal with Roadrunner Records. It is very exciting...he will be the lead watching for them. Not my kind of music but none the less I am extremely proud of him. ( on to hear their music)

Another reason for heading up is to pick up my real laptop that had crashed. Brother man had a connection and it save me a couple of hundred bucks in repair. So, I will be happy to have my real baby back.. my lil back up dell here has just been wonderful for getting on the internet...but it is meeting it's challenge to continue to do so every hour I use it... I will be turning this one over too for some cleaning...It was wonderful to have a back up laptop...I have found I can go without the home phone, eating, shopping...and even my cell phone...But, please don't take my internet... LOL my times have changed. You would think I was this extremely important and very work busy...NO, just found that when I want to know something... I want to no NOW...not later... the internet gives me all the options I want. It's really hard to contact people...when all you stuff is on the computer that is 180 miles away!

I am excited to go, I haven't ever gone up there to stay for a few nights, I have always visited and turned around and came back it will be fun to stay a while... Of course I am taking my Wii, just to insure that we have a blast.

To my follower thank you for following... To Joel, thank you too for looking in and commenting along with my follower...Cool Beans for letting me know. Have a Great weekend!

Oh, I will be going out with my nephew and his girlfriend...who is full blooded maybe I will have some good stuff when I come back...if I come back...I hear she has quite the temper and redheaded like me...LOL should be fun!!


derfina said...

^^ears perk^^ A redhead? Ahem.

I am excited for you. (If you aren't leaving until Saturday, ya wanna go get some mall chinee tomorrow? I have to go pick El Juevo up at 4 so I have to come over that way anyway, so I might as well come at lunchtime, eh? Holler at me.)

darsden said...

derfina you gottme on a ping??? man that was the fastest comment ever...what I'm talking about homie...