Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election...

Okay, my man didn't they say...But, I have something to say about "what I feel" I think that every vote in america that is cast legally...should count towards the next president. I don't think the electorial votes are fair. There is NO Way for Ms to compete with some of the states with electorial votes...HOWever if you notice the entire South except for Florida voted for McCain and most of the rest of the country too...HOW can HE NOT be president. This has nothing to do with the color of skin...everything to do with the man inside. I just do not agree with how they calculate a president...they choose who they is not the peoples vote if it was...WOW!!! (Yes, I am still waiting for the final total and if person by person he beat McCain...then I will say I stand corrected...But, FUCK THE ELECTORIAL VOTES.

I will support my country and long as he supports the United States of America...!!! We can only hope he is all that he claims to be...otherwise..Well, nobody to blame but, ourselves for this one...and all the fucking republicans that didn't bother to vote and those who just never bother to vote..but run their mouths and hold their hands out to take from the government and never giving back.

I am PROUD of U.S. of America, we have come a very long way...from the horrible part of slavery to now. I only hope those who feel the same way as this is a Major Major part of history will consider the debt paid...I for one am really tired of having to pay for the past...enough already...No more color...Just people...One voice...One vote that truly counts!!! Be here legally, and you will count...too!!

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