Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my car

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I am in the process of learning something new. I have in the past two days learned how to sand the paint down on a car. How to then put a primer coat on, then sand it again. I found that if there are pits or not smooth places you do the said above again... I am... Of course this is not me doing it by myself. Step dad is helping and telling me how to do it.

I am learning this because of the rust patches I noticed on the top of my car...and being I can't afford another car at least for 20 to 30 years...I will need this one to keep the roof on for a while so it doesn't rain on my head as I am driving down the road.

My next lesson will hopefully be tomorrow on how to paint a car after you have made it gun metal gray...and this is providing the primer on it now is going to take care of the lil flaws that were pointed out earlier.

I am very grateful for the help and lesson here to try to save my car... but, I don't have a car in this process and I have the urge to go so many that I can't...

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derfina said...

I am trying to finger out this hit counter crap too. It says something about you having to put both the html code AND the link (?) on the page or it will be disabled...Mayhaps that's why yourn disappeared?