Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got A Box

I sat here this morning reflecting those five years ago... I hear at 7 am on that forever life changing morning... (a hand shaking me) Get Up, Get UP.. it's here... my mother insisting I get up...why mom...she says "I have already had my coffee and a xanex and you need to get up and be with me and watch this... I told Bob, to get up too" "how you two can be sleeping at a time like this is beyond me... I got up laughing and saying okay mom.....OMG!

This is one of the most empowering picture I have ever seen. I am here to speak some truths. Today I am reflecing on the 5th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. I am pulling out the biggest box I can stand on. I Want to make sure You All hear ME loud and Clear. Hurricane Katrina, hit Mississippi, it wiped out my entire coastline of Mississippi and several blocks deep. Along with my friends in Alabama... New Orleans was a LEVY break after hurricane Katrina came to Mississippi!!! New Orleans was dropped by our government on a humanistic level. I feel for all the people of New Orleans, for having to endure what they did on that human level. But for the LOVE of God, Get the facts straight. All that is heard is how bad New Orleans got hit by Katrina!!! UHMMMMM step the hell over a few miles and take a look at Mississippi that is ground zero. New Orleans had homes left to start with ... for re-building... we didn't even have the sidewalks left in Mississippi. WE STILL don't!!! Why because everybody except for Robin Roberts is in Fucking New Orleans...STILL!!! (stop don't leave yet keep reading because it's almost over)

Bottom Line it's not just New Orleans people...President Obama is visiting New Orleans because he thinks that is ground zero...and you wonder why I am shaking with him being my President!

Wayne Brown should be in jail for not responding and worrying about what shirt he should wear that makes his fat ass look skinnier. WB there are no shirts or pants that will do that for your self absorbed ass. Beside you can't fix ugly...That was in excusable for leaving all the people of New Orleans to die in the streets.

We can as a Nation mobilize to run the hell to Hatti in hours, fly across seas to a tsunami find out we can't drop water to a State in America to keep Americans from dying... People should be doing jail time!!!

Mississippi, has always been overlooked because we are too busy re-building for ourselves and not running in front of the camera saying what are you going to give us....We are busy getting it and doing it on our own. But this is and will always be ground zero no matter what spin is put on it.. LIKE us discovering America...uhmmmm the Natives were here first. wonder what the history books will say about Katrina!

Never would have believed my mother would not be here for this anniversary. Which is also, the 5th anniversary of my mother losing her mother. We buried my grandmother Friday before the Monday of Katrina! Hurricane Katrina, doesn't even compare to losing...losing that Mom!!!

This is a homemade video of Our Front Yard during the beginning of her wrath
The water was within 6 inches of coming in the house. We would lose the trees in this video. There are more videos being added on YouTube as we speak. Under darsden (clever!!!)

Hurricane Katrina, Rest In Peace, I am soooo over You!!!

whadda ya mean there are 3 storms out there......

The Link for the rest of the videos is HERE

xoxo dar
Geaux Get Your Read On !
"The will of God will never take you
where the Grace of God will not protect you"
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Suzy said...

I think the reason Mississippi has been ignored is BECAUSE no one's in front of the camera yelling about it. Say what you will about our government but the squeaky wheel always gets the oil!!

Of course, in this case, they UNFORTUNATELY got some oil...just not the right kind.

Brian Miller said...

hard to believe it has been 5 is interesting how you dont hear much about this now...or much being done to continue the efforts...sorry dar...

Tatersmama said...

Amazingly, they had a news program on tv last night (here in Australia) about the issue of the whole of Mississippi getting little or no coverage. They were talking about how Mississippi was basically ignored while everyone focused on New Orleans... and I yelled out "yeeehaw, it's about time!!"

Anonymous said... heart goes out to all of you there. My hubby and I watched a 'What If' disaster show about 6 months before Katrina hit. It predicted exactly the scenario of the flooding and destruction that happened in real life. When we watched that show we had no idea it would really happen. We even discussed how horrible it would be...and our imaginations were nothing compared to what actually came about from it.
I yell with you, sister...from clear over here in Idaho.
We, as a nation, can and should do better for all people that live here...not just a few!

Pearl said...

Was thinking of you today, Dar. There are a lot of good folks in this country, and many, many of them are still hard at work, straightening their lives, their yards, their heads after an incredible natural disaster. We should be doing better for our people, I absolutely agree with you.


Anonymous said...

The press can spin it however they want. To them, New Orleans is alot more glamourous than Mississippi. Keep getting on that soapbox.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Definitely keep on that soapbox and stand tall and let your voice be heard.
Are you kidding? There's three out there? I gotta go look it up.
I know our "Hugo" did nothing near the destruction you had with Katrina, but it definitely got my attention.

jojo said...

heartbreaking...on so many levels. Thanks for sharing the vid's, I had no idea it was so violent.

Kathie said...

Hi Dar,
I am sorry first for the loss of your Mom, that is the biggest lost. Since I am a Robin Roberts fan I learned early on about Mississippi and I know that New Orleans stands as ground zero, even though they aren't, because it is more glamorous to TV viewers. I felt the same thing as you, we can rush across the ocean when a Tsunami hits but we can't do anything within a few hours to mobilize help for our own people. Man, does that sucketh big time. Keep on that soapbox, people need to hear the truth!!!

darsden said...

Hello Everybody!!! I really appreciate the comments. It is a very touchy subject around these here parts. Because all the coverage is for New Orleans. But being that WE don't want hand outs...just a hand up...makes all the difference. MS has always been a self surviving State and always will be. We work our butts off to be ignore...but that's okay we will all reap the benefits where it counts.

Again appreciate all of you so much. Let's pray none of us have to deal with any Hurricanes this year...the oil is enough for right now. We don't need anymore aggrevations.

I am very confrontational right now... I feel like a caged bear being poked...!!!

Beware and be very afraid if you are the one holding the stick.... LOL (discloser if you have left me a comment U R Not holding the stick lol)

Have a great weekend everybody :-)

Anonymous said...

Amen! Well said! We dont need any hurricanes this year. And I really dont want any more rain until after September 12th. I would really like it to be pretty for Ashley's outside wedding on the 10th! We have been through enough with Hurricane Katrina, loosing the house, living 6 people in a 30foot fema trailer for 2 years, fighting with the city to build our house, loosing father in law and my son in the same year. We survived all that and will survive alot more if necessary but would really appreciate a break for now. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Dar & so very true. I'm right there with ya! K

julz said...

Stay on your soap box, Sweetheart! I'm praying that y'all don't have to deal with any more anytime soon

Gaston Studio said...

I agree with you Dar on so many levels, and that Robin Roberts is about the only one who talks about the rest of the communities that Katrina destroyed. Stay on your soap box and keep shouting, maybe someone will eventually listen.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi, my heart goes out to you and everyone hit by the storm. It's hard to believe 5 years has passed already. I'm shaking my head and sending prayers. jj

darsden said...

Thank you all again I really appreciate the comments hoping to finally put Katrina to rest with this post. I can't promise ... never know where I am going to blow a gasket. :-)
I am praying for all along the East Coast, praying the cold front keeps Earl out to sea. Still going to do damage just skirting the coast due to the intensey of the him. I am sick just thinking about it.... or it could be I turned the big OOOOOO MMMMMMMM GGGGGGGG.... but really am praying for all!

otin said...

Hurricane Floyd came through the Carolinas ten years ago and we had massive flooding. Ten years later there are still condemned houses and properties that have never been rebuilt or torn down. The "important people" always get first priority!