Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where the Flowers come from

Yes I am still showing off peppermint patty. But I also need to prove to Michel, where all these beautiful flowers are coming from. Here are a few shots of a couple of beds. Can't get them all in here today, the page would never finish loading for you guys. I am off to the Yacht Club, in just a lil bit to go shake what the good Lord gave me again. Try to get ya'll some pictures if I can.
Now she is going to town 3 at a time
couple of hot buscuits
some of the hot biscuit plants
arbor where we keep more plants
front bed with more plants
Michel here is where you would be hereyes parking meters just in case anybody plans to stay too long LOL
we don't have time to sit around and visit around here too much to do
lilly pond

koi pond
driveways named after my mom she also has a 65 red convertible mustang


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Hit 40 said...

Is this your koi pond??? How awesome. I think I'm outta new flowers to snap. I need to take another of my hydrangeas. They are just full of blooms.

otin said...

Whos house did you take these pictures at?! LOL!

Eternally Distracted said...

What an awesome place ... Oh my god, I can't believe I said awesome!! I'm reading too many American blogs! ... (In a British accent) What a terribly beautiful superb sight! ;0)

Pop and Ice said...

I love the Peppermint Patty flower. What a lovely place! So far, I'm just visiting doctor's offices all week long so I'm jealous. But I'm going to BLOGHER!!!!! So long as Lainy doesn't have an emergency. Send good vibes our way. I really need to get out of town!

Pastor Sharon said...

Dar, If this is your yard, you have got to come to Indy and help me landscape. I just fell in love with it!

Beth said...

Gorgeous! You guys really know how to take care of a yard. And what a yard it is!

blognut said...

Wait! You go to the yacht club to shake your stuff?

I'm so confused. I thought yacht clubs were for boats.

Purty pictures! As usual! Now go shake that thing!

Reddirt Woman said...

Love the street sign. I've got to put the one we have up. Not going to tell you what it is... I'll surprise with a post one day.

As for the flowers. Awesome. I'm going to start on a pond this fall and winter... after it cools down.


Hit 40 said...

Your a sweetie!!! How could I ever forget you. That's just silly. All of you let me get my 1,000 words out a day. Thank you

And no freaking liquor at the party!!!

darsden said...

Hit 40-Actually the parents Koi pond but yes, cuz I live in the back too :-)

Otin-I just drive around and jump out snap and run know me sooo well!

Eteranlly-not a problem I use it all the time it was the accent though throwing me off a lil

Pop and Ice- thank you and Lil bit is in my prayers I would love to go to blogher

Pastor Sharon- I would love to but is all I can do to keep up with these 16 acres!

Beth-thank you (but we do have a weed eater man to much to weed eat)

blognut-Yep skeeters pool hall the first night. Then we got to put our nose's up some and go shake it at the Yacht Club. Want my autograph :-))

Reddirt woman-thank you Helen..well now I am really ready to see the sign (a lil scared though but ready LOL)

Hit 40-yea that's what they all say and then say who are you again...bring a flask woman!

JennyMac said...

Love these pics! And that greenhouse makes me envious.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm green with envy about your greenhouse...mine is so tiny in comparison! LOL!! We had Koi in our pond...but the flood of '07 washed them all away to the corn field out behind our Back 40. We replenished the pond with just gold fish until we're sure we won't have a repeat flood. :) LOVE your flower are inspiring! :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh how I would love to have a greenhouse! Your flowers and yard are beautiful :-)
Have fun shaking your groove thing baby!

Michel said...

I'm still a skeptic! However, I applaud your efforts and your photography skills!

Nice yard dar! I wish I didn't kill every plant I came within a 10 foot radius of...In fact, I think the flowers are dying out front of the hotel.

♥ Braja said...

Damn, I commented yesterday and it isn't here....anyway I was writing about Michel's doubts: we know Michael's birth source, don't we Dar? And now you have to tell everyone why the plants are Michael....

God that sounds lunatic.

The lily pond looks like mine...I'll have to send you a photo of my Bengali'll love it..

Medora said...

Holy cow - these are stunning pictures! Wonderful - thanks for posting them.

Millennium Housewife said...

Your garden is simply stunning! How much time do you spend on it?? We have a teeny garden and can't cope with that..

darsden said...

JennyMac-welcome happy to see you. It is a really nice greenhouse I must say. Only has the fruit trees in it right now, but our few cold days in the winter really nice!

Stacy-your poor fishes, thats sad. My mom waited a loooong time for that fancy greenhouse I am so happy for her.

Joanna Jenkins-girl where you been LOL..thankyou very much, lot to water around here :-) Honey I shook it all night long..well almost ;-)

Michel-hummm talk to the hand-LOL thank you very much!

Braja-yea you know some people are never satisfied..can't please everybody and I sure as hell can't please Michel, unless I was on fire from being smoted. YES, Michael story coming soon I promise.

Medora-thank you... yes Cows are Holy aren't they Braja..somebody pass me the ketchup for my burger please. Thank you for coming by to view them I appreciate them.

Millennium-welcome to the crib... alot of time. Everyday a lil here and there never pass a weed with out pulling it is my moto or puffing on it one of the two..LOL That goes for that want to be pool too...have to touch it everyday so it doesn't turn green!