Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

duely's this morning yay finally they are blooming :-)
Yes still showing off the peppermint hot biscuit
Okay I am going to speak some more words YES, I know it says wordless Wednesday up there. But my blog, My rules, got it! Rudey dog has developed a sensitivity to bad weather. When we do get storms around here they are pretty intense. The past week we have had 2 trees hit in the yard and my 42" plasma tv (big cry) is another casualty. Anyway she is really starting to freak out on me. I was doing a lil farming Sunday evening and I here thunder and see the lightening streaking acoss and straight down all over the place...I look up and see her going..Ummm did you here that mom...sitting on the arm of the sofa looking at me. Poor baby girl...she's getting old.
So this is where she ended up as I was trying to finished and close down so I could go hide too...
Yes she still won't look at the camera but she is more really watching to make sure the door isn't going open up and her be flying like ToTo in the Wizard of Oz. She got extra belly rubs in the hall...and started to stop shaking. Think I am going to have to put her on some valuims for this! It was mainly a noise maker we had sprinkles after all that...the hard rain went to the beach!
( I can also hear her saying under her breath put the friggin camera up already and lets go!)

Geaux Get Your Read On!


Pastor Sharon said...

Okay first, that sky is breath-taking. #2, (I had to type #2 like that it reminds me of Ruby on the movie Cold Mountain) #3-I'm going to have to leave Texas and run by your house to make sure that flower is really in your yard! and then I'm gonna touch to make sure it ain't plastic!!!! THAT THANG is Purdy! #4-sounds like you need a storm cellar! Don't ya'll make those in the south no more? We all had one when I lived in Alabama, just for weather like your having! #5-that is a sweet doggy you have there. #6-You are too kind for including me on your side wall.. . . Now, RUN FORREST RUN for cover!

otin said...

You know, if you look closely at those flowers, there is a definite sexual connotation! LOL!
Take that Eileen and Michel!! I beat you!

Michel said...


I love the pics. Your baby is sooo cute. I am so sad she is scared! If you were really a good dog-parent, you would move to a safer environment. and/or build her a shelter.

I'm just saying.

tee hee

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

LOVE the pics! Breathtaking! Awwww! Poor Rudey being scared of the storms! Our Blue Merle Sheltie barks at the if that'll scare it away... ;)

Happy WW! :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

One of my dogs, the big one, is scared to death of thunder. And another runs around barking at the thunder. Funny.
Poor Rudey dog....atleast she knows she has you to run to!

darsden said...

Pastor Sharon-you are so funny Run Forest Run. No, we don't have storm shelters mainly due to the fact they would probably fill up with water when it does rain it floods, and then there are always the hurricanes, we need one but I don't want to drown either! Thank you for your kind words.

Otin-ONLY a man and probably YOU would see something like that in a "pink flower" LOL

Michel-least I didn't move to another country and leave her did I..LOL thank you for the suggestions! :-p

Stacy-thank you Rudey doesn't bark she just shakes really really bad and stays right by me or on me.

Twisted Fencepost-yes, the first sound she like mom, mom come get me...LOL It just started since we came home from Virginia when she had a really rough time up there. It has definitely aged her and not for the better.

blognut said...

Awww... poor Rudey. Give her a benadryl and she'll get a little sleepy. Our dog used to hide in the bathtub when it stormed.

Love the pictures.

And I love how you gave it right back to Michel. All that jabbering about being a decent dog mom and building Rudey shelter after she abandoned her puppies and they had to create their own blog just to stay in touch. Pffftt!

An Open Heart said...

Rudey....what a cutie! I love that she's on your desk sitting next to the computer....does she have her own blog?


Pop and Ice said...

Oh, God. Poor Rudey! And the loss of your flat screen TV?! Even though I hardly ever watch it, I bought it for hubby and would die if it fried.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Love your photos, especially the sunrise. Hey! We both did sunrises today.

And Ms. Braja wrote my real name ; -)

darsden said...

blognut-regular people benedryl...cuz we fixing to get another one shes already climbing up on me on the first rumble. Thank you ..yep could not give her some lip service!

An open heart-No she doesn't but hey great idea. She probably had a lot more to say than I do..LOL thank you

Pop and Ice- yes I feel sorry for her..I found out today it's going to take half as much as I paid for that damn tv to fix! 14 months old..DON'T EVER buy a Samsung they do not stand behind their product!

PHST-Oh my didn't see that one coming..LOL good catch on your part honey! Thank you and how about us doing the sun together but mine was a sunset :-) I will try to get you a sunrise and when somebody teaches me how to do what you and Braja did with the sound video..I am going to steal that idea too ;-)

Quint said...

Arrrgh! Nice dog!!

Bren said...

The flower you share on your blog entry is wonderful. Happy I stopped by - you have a great blog about every day life.

Happy Summer from my garden in the Midwest.

Hit 40 said...

I enlarged the picture to see what you were drinking....

ozark water??? This explains a few things.

Poor doggy. I am afraid of thunder too, but I have to pretend it is not scary since I am the mom.

Hit 40 said...

I just saw what you wrote over at Pastor Sharons!!! Shame on you. No wonder your having awful storms. laughing at a pasters bad luck is never a good idea. I left you a note over there.

You lost a big tv!!! I don't feel as bad about my computer now.

darsden said...

Quint-thanks oh and I love how you pop up when I mention you that's pretty cool LOL

Bren-Welcome and thank you very much, com'on back anytime. I will be visiting you very soon.

Hit 40-Yep, addicted to that damn Ozarka LOL I wish that had a meeting I could go to for it. I drink about 8 of them a day. Yes, this is new for Rudey, I don't know what changed that she is reacting now. I hate it for her.

whacha mean I was rolling out of concern for Pastor Sharon! TV is sucking the big one...gonna cost me half of what I paid for it. dammit don't buy a samsung they are pretty but the company sucks they don't support their product. Of course I bought it at circuit city and hello they are bankrupt. And no Best Buy won't honor their extended warranty on the tv's from circuit city. All a scam I tell ya. Samsung will be sorry they F**ked with me!

jojo said...

pretty pics, love the flower. I can't stand storms like that and I know my poor pup would have some big time anxiety attack. We had to give her doggie valium over the 4th July...I feel bad for the poor babe!! Take care and stay safe. I have to head over to the Pastors site now to see what you wrote..;p

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

oh those flowers have that hot lilac color i so love. great click!

only a movie said...

Lovely photos, and your storm description had me thinking about buttoning up my house (we have weird clouds and win today). Also, your dog is sweet.

Hit 40 said...

Samsung will be sorry!!! I will make sure my hubby doesn't buy one. He has been lusting for a big screen.

Jaime said...

great pics. the one of the sky is beautiful!

darsden said...

jojo-thank you, sad they react the way they do. She was scared on the 4th too. I hate it for her.

Navita-thank you and welcome com'on in and visit any time Happy to have you here.

only a movie-thank you kindly, yup hunker down it's gonna be a bumpy night. Welcome to you to com'on back any time and visit love to have you back.

Hit 40-I am penning a letter to them and I hope they will be sorry..cuz ya know I am gonna blast them on here...soon!!

Greener Bangalore said... darsden ...not Mississippi... that might be sure somewhere here in ;)

Hit 40 said...

Forget the letter call and tell them that you plan to blog about their solution!!! It worked with apple for me!! And, I totally love apple now.

You need to stop by today :-)

otin said...

Hit 40, don't you have a blog? I see your name here more than Darsden! LOL!

darsden said...

Greener Bangalore-it would be a mississippi thang too trust me :-) good to see you

Hit 40-I have called them they do nothing but pass me on and pass me on..then I have to reach for my xanex then I get happy and forget about it..till I turn on the 13" tv and have to stand in front of it with one eye closed so I can see it..vicious cycle!

otin-leave my beloved hit 40 stalker alone! she is my only stalker, don't mess with her!

Jack and Kernel said...

Want some poop? It will make your flowers grow even better!

Susan said...

I know that she's stuffed but if it will make you feel better...they really can prescribe anafronil, (probably outdated and replaced by another anti-anxiety by now), in decent and responsible amounts to relieve her anxiety. No baby should have to be that scared. Poor thing.

darsden said...

Jack and Kernel-I will pass but Michel said leave it in her suitcase for her to bring back to Sudan so she can take part of ya'll with her.

Susan-thankyou I will check with my vet about that. I can continue to let her go through this. It just started with the last couple of storms so I need to nip it in the bud Now!