Friday, May 15, 2009


To quote my friend "Then the hand of God came down" Hey Becky, every time I save a bird that is what I here now. My mother called yesterday and said I had to come save a bird that hit the window. This however just wasn't the normal bird that hits. This is a rare and the first one. I didn't give this lil guy much of a chance of making it. He hit really hard. His head was to one side, but as gently as I could I picked him up and he put a death grab on my finger. Poor lil fella I started talking to him and whispering in bird talk to him (stop laughing I know bird talk)
I gently folded him to me and kept walking towards the mole hole
He had his death grasp I sat with him at least 30 minutes just petting him and whispering
I put him down in the shade he just wasn't happy...and yes I could tell!
I put him on the feeder...looking a lil better but didn't want to stay there
So I put him in the healing pear tree. I brought him some water, which he did drink from the drops off my finger tip. He drank a few drops that was a great sign to me. I left him and kept checking on him for about 2 hours. Worried he wouldn't make it.
The I went out side and saw he was acting a little better and acting more like a woodpecker by hanging on the side of the tree, instead of just sitting there.
Then the next time I checked he had changed branches, another great sign. This was his last picture because as I swung around to get the other side. He flew off and flew to the oak tree then I walked over just to make sure and he said his bird jabber to me and flew off. YAY ME. I was so excited because I really didn't think he would make it. That just goes to show what a little love and tlc will work miracles sometimes. I was very happy and still am over this one.

Oh, by the way sheeeeeee's baaaacccckkkk


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Gaston Studio said...

You are such a good soul Dar, am so glad you took the time to help the wounded woodpecker and it paid off! Now, he'll be making holes in your trees to reciprocate!

Fencepost said...

Well, it was the hand of God. He just used your hand as the vessel in which to travel. And a very good choice it was!

dizzblnd said...

What a beautiful wonderful gift you have. This post really touched me. You are an angel!

Anonymous said...

Dar the bird whisperer. You should have a show! :) I love that you are so caring and sweet to animals. You are their Angel and mine!

blognut said...

I think I like you, Dar.

Greener Bangalore said...

wow wow.....nice woddy:)

Simplicity said...

OMG that is so fabulous! Such great photos! You're my hero!

bearer of three said...

awwww so sweet you saved a daughter would of had a fit if she would have seen the bird..she is literally afraid of um about the bird talk???lmao

darsden said...

Gaston Studio-thank you for your kind words. I try to help all I can. Sometimes I am not successful end up sobbing all day. But I try!

Becky TF-honey I hear that in my head all the time now. Brings a huge smile to my face. Happy to be hands on for him :-)

dizzblnd-thank you, just trying to do my part. I am glad you got touched that means alot to me. Thank you again :-)

Tabitha-oOOOh I love that name-LOL I was really really shocked he made it. Thats the longest it has taking me to get one back in the air!

Blognut-the feeling is mutural Thankyou :-)

Greener said woody..LOL thanks for visiting again :-)

Simplicity-thank you wonderful to see you :-) But I do see you daily in the Heartless video that is my favorite song!
Thank you for that! :-)

Bearer of three- I hear you chuckling at me.. that is okay..according to Tabitha I am the bird whisperer..LOL Sorry to hear lil bit is afraid they will not hurt her! :-)

Pearl said...

The Bird Whisperer.
I can see it! Your own show on A&E!

That was very sweet of you, Dar. We had a very large woodpecker hit the side of our house and die last year. I love the birdies and that was hard to witness. I'm glad you saved one.

I wonder if he'll/she'll be back? I wonder if he'll/she'll feel safer around your place?


darsden said...

Pearl-thank you I would love to do something with nature..just love it! I think I saw him yesterday, but can't be real sure. But he looked at me. I think if I had my T orange hat on he might have flown to me..LOL
Hate to hear you lost one...sometimes the bigger birds chase them down to eat them...but don't come back to get them if they hit a house or window. Just my bird info lol xoxodar

Michel said...

That guy actually looked kinda cute, and I was worried he wasn't going to make it because I usually call them flying rodents....

I'm happy he made it - you are a good person.

If you tell anyone I said that, I will have you killed...and your little bird too!

Eskimo Bob said...

We would have ptarmigan fly into the telephone wires and have their wings sheared off so there wasn't much to do but help end their suffering - the dogs enjoyed the treat though.

darsden said...

Michel-don't make me hit you with my wallet I just finish making in the Scouts. LOL thankyou

Eskimo Bob-dude didn't need the last line at all in fact didn't need any of this sad story good day..I SAID good day!

Suzy said...

My mom loves birds and has a magical touch with them and everyone in our neighborhood used to bring the injured to her. She never lost one. You have the gift too.

♥ Braja said...

LOL! That first photo is priceless...he's totally got a "WTF????" look on :))

darsden said...

Braja-he did didn't he. I sure didn't think he would make it. It sure made my day when he did fly off. Poor guy still probably has a headache.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Who knew behind that smart mouth commenter lies the soul of the gentle bird whisperer.

Oh and Happy Birthday! Big Birthday hugs from SMB here.

Lilly said...

Oh you are such a sweet hearted person. Its lovely and glad the bird had you, the Bird Whisperer, to help. Is it your birthday Dar? is it? Happy Birthday if so.

darsden said...

SMB-you crack me up-LOL I don't know how I got sooo confused with you...LOL thankyou I think!

Lilly-thank you Lilly I love the new name of the bird whisperer LOL that is great. NO it is NOT my birthday not till August. That was just some Smart Mouth Broad crackin a joke..LOL thank you anyway though I will hold on to it till August :-)

laughingwolf said...

dar the good deed doer :)

darsden said...

laughingwolf-thankyou very nice of you to say. Just trying to do my part the best I can. Hope you have a great weekend.

Stephen Baird- Welcome and thankyou for joining the side bar. I really appreciate it com'on back any time and visit a while. Hope you have a great weekend!

Hope all of ya'll have a wonderful weekend really apppreciate the comments from everybody.

darsden said...

Chuck Dilmore- Welcome to the side bar over there. Really appreciate you signing up. Com'on back any time :-)

Wow, I am getting a wonderful collection of friends and some handsome fellas to boot woohoo!