Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday's Flowers & Fruits

Good Morning everybody..sorry I haven't been around been having lots of fun though. Thought I would share what is around the yard today. Starting off with Braja's flower called Michael. Another orange hibiscus (hot biscuits)
Lil marigolds
Spearmint plant that I didn't know would have a lil bloom or whatever
Peppermint plant too didn't know it did this..they have never lasted this long
I just love this can see my elbow in the glass reflection LOL
Lilly of the Nile...hard to get the flowers grow down
Lilly of the Nile
Pumpkin looking lime
Lime bush
blueberries bush just popping out
juicy blueberries at that
plum tree..boy are they sweet this year


Geaux Get Your Read On!


Comedy Goddess said...

So many great colors in that lovely garden! Wow!

darsden said...

comedy goddess-thank you appreciate it and it's good to see you.

Pastor Sharon said...

Darsden: Those flowers are beautiful! Your garden is lovely! I have never seen Lilies of the Nile. . . those are so ornate to me. . . would they grow in the midwest?

darsden said...

Pastor Sharon-I wouldn't see why they wouldn't esp in the summer time...that is the only time I have seen them blooming around here..wait or we in summertime yet..maybe the end of spring time is what I should be saying. They are like velvet in their colors.

Mary Ellen said...

Living in a northern clime, our lilacs are just finishing. Great to have so much blooming and ready to pick where you are! Lots to look forward to.

dizzblnd said...

beautiful! I would kill each and every one of those things

Reddirt Woman said...

Golly, Dar, you'll be able to take a walk and have lunch on your stroll. Lots of fruit. mmmm

Your 'hot biscuits' are gorgeous as is that Lily of the Nile. I've never seen that one. Looks like it feel like velvet.

Thanks for the photo stroll.



bearer of three said...

i love that color orange...i think its so beautiful..and im glad your having fun thats what life is about

darsden said...

Mary Ellen-Yes enjoy this time of year when everything is blooming.

dizzblnd-I think you could do it..only requires water and love :-)

Helen-yes that is exactly what I do..what around and eat LOL ;-)

darsden said...

bearer of three-it is a vibrant color for flowers around here..yes enjoy it as much as I can :-)

♥ Braja said...

Love the 'hot biscuits' :))

Lilly said...

Love the colours and fruits, yum!

lisa said...

Beautiful. I'm coming to you with all my gardening questions.

Pop and Ice said...

My Petunia still lives....

Tabitha in Bliss said...

Dar, your garden is Heavenly!
Plums are yummy!!

blognut said...

Dar, when are you coming to plant flowers at my house? I can't have nice flowers in the yard unless I plant the plastic kind, and nobody likes that, especially me.

darsden said...

Lisa-bring them..I will turn around an ask my mom..LOL

Pop and Ice-I am so excited for you and your get you some more it will be okay.

Tabitha-yes, the plums are juicy and yummie this year. First year since Katrina that we had any. Katrina was hard on a lot of things especially the fruit bearing trees.

blognut-take a number honey I will get there LOL.

darsden said...

Braja-I know you do and you see Your Michael is first :-))

Lilly-thankyou and they are yummie all of them.

darsden said...

Helen-it was wonderful to talk to you tonight I really enjoyed it :-))

Roslyn said...

Wow how smart are you to have all those edibles growing in your yard. I still miss my TX veggie garden.

Michel said...

I'm jealous of your garden!!! You need to come here and plant some shit. We don't have any of those lily of the nile...and I LIVE on the nile...literally, its right out past my backyard!

UNSAT! Now get out here and plant me some shit.

Oh,and be a lamb and bring me some booze and pork pls. I have cake.

Tatersmama said...

I love all of these, but especially the lime bush! I have exactly 4 little limes on mine, and I'm dreaming of margaritas! lol!

btw... I tagged you, so come check it out!
With all your wonderful photos, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hit 40 said...

Beautiful garden pictures!!! I spent the weekend - mulching, planting, and pruning. My yard is way too big. I'll take some pictures later this week.

I took out some fountain grass and replaced it with boxwoods to make an English garden look with some knock pink roses in the middle of the boxwoods.... I feel like a chicken planting knock out roses, but I do not have the time to baby will rose bushes.

Ok... now I need to go take a picture for us!!!

darsden said...

rosyln-actually the folks planted them over 20 years ago and they are awesome!

michel-I'll jump right on that plane for you uhmm do you know how hot it is where you are...and if I bring you anything it will be a book on positive thinking ...rotflmfao..!

tatersmama-oh, great I will be over for margis'

hit 40- my gardening buddy you go girl! Sounds really nice what you have created..take pictures honey :-)

Beth said...

I love gardening, too! You have some gorgeous flowers and fruit coming along there. It is great to live in the south when trying to grow most plants, eh?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh how I would LOVE a blueberry bush! You are a lucky girl!
Thanks for the wonderful pictures. More please

darsden said...

Beth-there are benefits to being in the South, no winters to speak of...but being today started hurricane season ...whole different ball game there!

Joanna Jenkins-good to see you again. I know I am extremely lucky and blessed. But none would be possible if I wasn't living in the mole hole in the backyard of my parents place :-))